Slaying the Stage and Spilling the Tea: A Exclusive Encounter with Drag Superstar Mirage

Slaying the Stage and Spilling the Tea: A Exclusive Encounter with Drag Superstar Mirage

An exclusive interview with RPDR’s season 16 global superstar, Mirage



In the vibrant landscape of drag culture, few queens possess the power to mesmerize like Mirage. Heralded as one of the season’s fan favorites, this American drag superstar—affectionately dubbed as the “Swiffer of Las Vegas” for her ability to sweep audiences off their feet, coupled with her energetic and gravity defying stunts—Mirage knows how to work a stage like no other. 


Season 16 of RuPaul's Drag Race catapulted her into the spotlight, where she became the stuff of legends; a true icon in the making.



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With each click-clack of her heels, Mirage commands attention, leaving audiences spellbound. And who could forget the moment she unleashed her iconic anthem, She's Such a Bitch, on the mainstage? The song reverberated through the airwaves, etching themselves into the collective consciousness of drag aficionados worldwide and cemented Mirage's status as a drag superstar.


Slaying the Stage and Spilling the Tea: A Exclusive Encounter with Drag Superstar Mirage


But Mirage isn't just a queen of the stage—she's a global sensation. Her recent tour stop in Manila set the city ablaze with excitement, as fans clamored for a glimpse of her electrifying spectacle. Amidst the glitz and glam, I had the privilege of catching up with Mirage herself before her show at Krib Nightclub, delving into the depths of her journey through Drag Race and beyond.


Wonder: So let’s take it way back, how long have you been doing drag?
Mirage: Oh, for like seven years. Seven long, long years. I guess I'm about that old. 


W: Can you tell us what inspired you to start doing drag?

M: Well, initially, it was [that] I wanted to just go out, be as crazy as possible and not be recognized. So it started one Halloween; I just wanted to dress up and be something totally different [from] my day-to-day. I also have a drag mom and she started teaching me—that’s been my favorite part. I just love being on stage more than any of y'all sitting.


W: What’s been your favorite experience of being part of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 16?

M: Probably traveling after the show finished. I mean, for sure, seeing the world and everything. But also seeing the way the different cities and the different parts of the world do drag. How everybody has their own little scene. It's really cool to see how everybody's doing it.


W: Speaking of traveling, what’s been your favorite country so far?

M: Oh, the Philippines, of course! But I would also say Taiwan. It’s so much fun over there, just like right here!


W: How are you finding Manila so far? And how are the Filipino fans treating you?

M: The Filipino fans have been probably the best so far. I really haven't been able to see anything else. I mean, I literally just landed today. All I've done is sleep in my hotel. But I will say that having white rice at Burger King is sickening. That is sickening. I've never seen that in my entire life. 


So far, 10 out of 10. 10 out of 10, Manila.


W: Speaking of Filipino food, have you tried any other Pinoy dishes? 

M: I haven’t tried it here yet, but when I was in the US, yes. But I haven’t been able to since I've been here. Two of my best friends are from the Philippines, so they show me around. They teach me how to eat Filipino food.



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W: So what is your go-to lip sync song?

M: I almost did it today, actually. I think it's Be Alright by Ariana Grande. I don't know why. I don't know why. It's not the craziest, it's not the most exciting, the most trick-trick-tricks. It just gets me. It just gets me. I don't care. Everything feels hot. 


W: What type of music really hypes you up when you're getting ready for a gig or a night out?

M: I love house music and techno. There's so many. Something that's very much like the party's starting. Let's get it going. Let's get moving.


W: Do you have any favorite stand out tracks?

M: There's so many I can't even think–can I say a whole playlist? The EDC Playlist 2024 this year was really, really good. I've been listening to that a lot over the years. 


W: Describe your favorite go-to look when you're going to do a performance.

M: I didn't bring any this time; I'm kind of mad. But I would say probably just mixed-matched colors, lots of random different stuff. Mostly whatever I just have at the bottom of my suitcase, I'll start putting things on. I'm going to start putting it on until I run out of time.



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W: What can we expect from Mirage in the future?

M: In the future, she's going to be getting older. She's going to be getting more saggy and tired, I imagine. I'm kidding.


In the future, I want to do a couple more songs. I don't know when or where. I actually like music a lot more than I thought. I know every one of them. But I'm not even going to pretend to sing. I'm just going to fuck it. I just want something for the kids to dance to. 


W: And of course, the most important question, are you open to competing again on an All Stars season (of RuPaul’s Drag Race)?

M: Am I open to possibly competing in an All Star team? Oh, of course. I mean, duh. Who doesn't want to—well, I do know a few people who might not. But for me, personally I would love to go back. I think it's going to be sickening. It's very much about timing.



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As we look to the future, one thing is certain: Mirage's star will only continue to rise. With plans for new music and the exciting possibility of gracing the stage once again in an All Stars season, the world eagerly awaits what this drag superstar will do next. So keep your eyes peeled and your heels ready to click-clack, because Mirage is here to keep slaying the game—and she's just getting started.


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Words Charles Boswell

Art Dani Sison

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