Monsterland: This One’s for the Horror Fans

Monsterland: This One’s for the Horror Fans

The series explores the monsters that live within and among us



Horror is such a fascinating genre. We pay to watch a film or a series that will give us a fright and scare us off our seats. It leaves sleepless nights and sweat-inducing nightmares in its wake. On occasion, we develop fears, both baseless and reasonable: fear of the dark or looking under the bed, fear of a virus outbreak that could cause a zombie apocalypse, fear of being possessed by dark forces and so on. In recent years, however, directors like Jordan Peele (Get Out), Mike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House) and Ari Aster (Hereditary) have redefined (or should I say, refined?) the genre. Suddenly, horror is no longer limited to ghosts or creatures of the night, bloodlust and jump scares. Now, there’s a story worth telling, a cast today’s audiences can identify with and monsters we aren’t used to seeing. In the case of American horror drama series Monsterland, the monsters live within and among us.


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The series, based on Nathan Ballingrud’s novel North American Lake Monsters: Stories, Monsterland tells eight different stories of people struggling with guilt, loneliness, loss and regret. Each episode features a new protagonist grappling with monsters in the form of Gothic beasts or the darkness inside them. Dubbed “an absolute must watch for horror fans” by Forbes, what makes Monsterland terrifying—but also beautiful—is the reality it’s based upon. It explores the dark and the unique, and the conflicting realities that can exist inside a person. Watch the trailer below:



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Curious? Monsterland just debuted in Asia last February 17 on FX channel with new episodes premiering every Wednesday. In the Philippines, you can catch it on Cignal channel 237 on the same day at 10PM.



Tune in next week for the full review of Monsterland!



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