Review: My Amanda Doesn’t Quite Hit The Nail On The Head

Review: My Amanda Doesn’t Quite Hit The Nail On The Head

Sometimes the less you know, the better – My Amanda



Throughout the years I’ve been living, I debated about whether or not girls and guys could become close without being too close. If they could get within arm’s reach of the line between friendship and romance without actually wanting to touch it in experiment (or hope). So when I attended the press con of My Amanda, and Alessandra De Rossi, who starred, directed and wrote the film, said that one of the movie’s points is that a guy and a girl could stay friends and nothing more, I got curious. 



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On paper, My Amanda’s synopsis reads: “Two unusually close friends share every aspect of their lives together. As their lives evolve, their bond remains the only constant.” 


I can attest to all of this. TJ (Piolo Pascual) and Amanda (Alessandra De Rossi) AKA Fuffy and Fream were, indeed, unusually close. As in, see-each-other-in-the-shower, my-grandmother-lets-us-sleep-in-the-same-room and get-drunk-with-no-worries close. True enough, they did share every aspect of their lives with each other, from boyfriend beatings to hamster issues. And their bond did remain the only constant in their lives; their friendship kept them tethered.


But let’s talk the technicalities first: Piolo and Alessandra, as the leads of the film, act without effort—which Piolo himself admitted. Their chemistry is natural, and this alone helps carry My Amanda. The writing is as quick as you can expect from Alessandra, mostly humorous as friendships go but sometimes heartfelt and downright heartbreaking. The direction leaves no point of complaint, but neither is it a visionary for future films to follow.


All in all, My Amanda is a great watch. It brings you up and down a rollercoaster of emotions without leaving you too dizzy or confused at its wake. It’s realistic, each moment mirroring something you and I have likely experienced or heard of or want to forget. But My Amanda, in its 90-minute run, did not deliver what I was promised. It did not make me believe in platonic boy-girl friendships.



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Do I believe that Fuffy and Fream felt nothing romantic about each other throughout their friendship? No. Do I believe that not once did they wonder “what if,” as many of their loved ones did? No. Is the film a point to throw down in debates across the table, or when someone mockingly questions your own friendship with someone of another sexual orientation? No. 


But does My Amanda prove the power of friendship and that all of us need a little something—or a great someone—to keep us sane and put together? Yes. It is with this point that My Amanda soars. It makes you want someone to love you as much as Fuffy and Fream did each other, makes you long for a connection as deep and as pure and as withstanding as theirs. My Amanda makes you want to be there as much and as often as these two characters were for one another. 



Do yourself, your friends, your significant others a favor and all your relationships a favor. Watch My Amanda



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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