My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Coming and Here’s Why It’s High Time You Check It Out

My Hero Academia Season 5 Is Coming and Here’s Why It’s High Time You Check It Out

Get into that PLUS ULTRA mindset ahead of My Hero Academia's fifth season



My Hero Academia, authored by Kohei Horikoshi, was first released as a manga in 2014 and had its anime adaptation premiere in 2016. Four seasons and two full-length films later, this anime series has become a popular pick among major fans and casual watchers alike. The fifth season is slated to premiere on March 27. This gives the curious ones enough time to catch up before the kids of Class 1A go all out once again. 


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If the trailer above hasn’t convinced you yet, here are more reasons why it’s time to check My Hero Academia out:


They have a diverse lineup of characters

My Hero Academia has a wide range of characters that have their own set of personalities and struggles, no matter how often or sparsely they appear. Not to be cheesy, but their individual back stories will teach you a thing or two about dealing with our own real lives. Heck, even the show’s villains have motivations you’d understand. Their origin stories get you thinking, especially since most of them aren’t purely rooted in evil. Rather, they’re born from the lack of opportunities, which, admittedly, mirrors our realities. 


The fight scenes are tame but powerful

If you’re not a fan of extremely bloody fight scenes but still looking into action anime, My Hero Academia is a good start. While it’s bound to be a little messy, violent face-offs between heroes and villains are not depicted in extreme gory detail (a major win for a weakling like me!). The series’ animators do a good job in delivering tension and power in the anime's action scenes, whether it’s in their training exercises or villain encounters, while keeping casualties tame. Nonetheless, all the action scenes will have you gripped and glued to the screen. Fair warning: You won’t realize that you've breezed through half the season in a matter of hours.  


There’s the perfect mix of action and fun

It’s easy to forget that most of the cast in My Hero Academia are high school freshmen due to the amount of superpowered villains that they have to defeat. But the filler episodes and arc transitions lend a perfect balance to the stress-inducing parts of the season. How? By sprinkling  tropes we often see in slice-of-life anime: school festivals, swimming sessions and more. In the midst of crime-fighting, there are a handful of episodes that feel like a breath of fresh air. These can easily put this series at the top of your list of feel-good anime.


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Don’t let the action (or lack thereof; it’s up to you to judge) stop you from giving it a shot. If you’re a newly-christened anime fan or simply looking for a new title to watch, My Hero Academia is one of the best gateways into the anime rabbit hole.



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