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Join the What's in the Mystery Bag Contest at stylefestph

We’re Giving Something Away At stylefestph

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You know you wanna join in on the fun 😉



Who doesn’t love a good guessing game, amirite?


Edit: stylefestph day 1 is over and we’re naming two items in our Mystery Bag to give you all a fighting chance at getting all the goodies inside. Today’s reveal: The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck and an air plant we’ve lovingly named Medusa (because she’s a medusa plant). Say hello!



But wait; there’s more! We’ve also made the clues a lot easier to decipher


Here’s the deal.


For everyone going to stylefestph, come by Wonder’s photobooth, get your picture taken and join the What’s in the Mystery Bag contest. If you can guess what’s inside, you win everything in the bag! Here’s how to join:


(1) Visit the Wonder booth at stylefestph

(2) Touch and feel the mystery bag; smell it if you want

(3) Register at the booth and follow Wonder on IG @wondermagph

(4) Comment your answers on our IG post


Contest runs from September 7 to 9, 2018 until 6PM only. Whoever comes closest to guessing all the items will be the sole winner of the Wonder Mystery Bag and will be messaged privately for claiming. Good luck!



Here are your clues.


The biggest clue is that we’ve taken a little piece from every corner of Wonder and put them in the bag.


(1) Style—



(2) Self—

We gave you this one already!


(3) Visuals—



(4) Pop Culture—



(5) Life—

We gave you this too!


(6) And a little something so that Wonder sticks with you—

Post It Notes Spice Girl GIF by Aminé - Find & Share on GIPHY


That’s all the clues we’re giving you, folks!



Mystery bags can sometimes be risky, but we promise that ours is filled with nothing but all the good stuff that make Wonder, Wonder. Catch us at #stylefestph this weekend and get the chance to win a little something from us.



You can buy your stylefestph tickets here.



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