Get Your Fix of Homegrown Horrors With the Podcast “Nandito Sila”

Get Your Fix of Homegrown Horrors With the Podcast “Nandito Sila”

This podcast might just convince a non-believer



People are drawn to true horror for a variety of reasons: to find an escape, to feel the adrenaline rush or to cheer on the underdog. They're likely why we binge-watch jumpscares and slasher films even outside of Halloween, but our penchant for things beyond the physical realm could be seen as early as our childhoods. We grew up borrowing and buying copies of True Philippine Ghost Stories from classmates and re-telling urban legends during sleepovers. And if we were brave enough, we hunt for them ourselves (at our own risks, of course).


But there are moments when we look for new and other ways to enjoy the thrill of horror. Most especially when our watch lists are exhausted and r/NoSleep threads are too long to read. Well, at least we’ve got podcasts to rely on. They give us the material that fuels our imaginations, especially when we need a horror fix anytime, anywhere. One of the newest and spine-chilling horror podcasts out there is Globe Studios’ Nandito Sila podcast.



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This newest horror podcast will be featuring nine guests, all of who will be sharing their first-hand encounters with the supernatural. Its trailer featured a soundbite of a guest telling the listeners not to try anything at home, which might be a warning for the future stories they’ll be airing.


The first episode is called The Host, which sets the stage for Matteo. He recounts his experiences as a property surveyor in the city of Manila. Ultimately, these experiences turned him from skeptic to believer. His fieldwork exposed him to different houses with dark pasts and clients with even darker experienceseach one scarier than the other. He reminds his listeners: abandoned houses aren’t entirely abandoned. And there might be more than one entity living in these places, some with evil manifestations driven by twisted origins. True to its title, Nandito Sila might convince a non-believer to think otherwise. Kinda like Matteo.


We’re not sure what else to expect for the upcoming episodes of Nandito Sila, but we are convinced that it’s going to get scarier and eerier from here on out.



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Stay tuned for the next episode of the Nandito Sila podcast by following it on Spotify and keeping tabs on Globe Studios via Facebook and Twitter.



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