Netflix Just Teased “First Kill,” A Fantasy Series About Two Teenage Girls’ Romance

Netflix Just Teased “First Kill,” A Fantasy Series About Two Teenage Girls’ Romance

This lesbian teen drama drops just in time for Pride Month



There’s always a special allure tucked with fantasy shows. From Stranger Things’ mix of eerie, supernatural and sci-fi to the mystic powers of The Umbrella Academy, we can’t help but tune in and binge-watch. Now, coming out fresh from Netflix’s oven is First Kill, a fantasy series following two teenage girls and their bubbling romance. The catch? They’re star-crossed lovers. Think Romeo and Juliet or West Side Story. Emma Roberts joins the production as Executive Producer, while Felicia D. Henderson acts as the main writer and showrunner of First Kill. 



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As told by the First Kill teaser, Calliope Burns (Imani Lewis) and Juliette Fairmont (Sarah Catherine Hook) come from two opposing families: monster hunters and vampires, respectively. For centuries, both families were at war. Vampires aim to blend in while monster hunters exist to protect the human race. As the two venture into high school, puberty and physical changes, they soon realize their ceremonial first kills are around the corner. Inevitably, the two fall in love and their families get involved. Equilibrium gets ruined between the Burnses and Fairmonts. 


Calliope and Juliette also encounter internal battles. Despite coming from a revered family of monster hunters, Cal aims to prove her worth and move away from the label of “baby sister.” Standing out seems to be a struggle with two older brothers in her family. That’s why a first kill means a lot to the teenager. Meanwhile, Juliette enjoys living normally. She refuses her vampire identity, wanting to distance herself from her predetermined destiny. However, she feels pressured to take her seat at the table at the top of a powerful vampire family.



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Talk about teenage angst, right?


While it’s arguable that First Kill presents an almost-predictable storyline, the show focuses on a lesbian relationship. Something that’s a long time coming in the realm of young adult and supernatural genres hitting the mainstream. We’ve enjoyed the relationships from the Twilight saga or the love triangles going on in Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. But admit it: they both feature conventionally heterosexual relationships. We need cliché and complex stories for all kinds of relationships. And for lesbians and women who love women, it’s been a long time coming. So put their love on the map without any question. They deserve that, too.


Hey, First Kill might just be the Twilight or Heartstopper to a young girl who likes girls. So who are we to knock it before it premieres? This lesbian teen drama drops just in time for Pride Month, maybe even for a reason.



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First Kill premieres this Friday on Netflix.



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