Y’all Means All: Netflix’s Queer Eye Puts the Spotlight on Frontliners

Y’all Means All: Netflix’s Queer Eye Puts the Spotlight on Frontliners

In this new season from Netflix, they’re highlighting heroes of the pandemic



For many shows filmed in the pandemic, the global health crisis—as all-consuming and volatile as it is—has completely ended. No face masks, no social distancing, no stay-at-home orders for the unvaccinated; basically a deep fantasy many of us have, especially amid another surge. For Queer Eye on Netflix, on the other hand, the pandemic is at the heart of the sixth season, set in the state of Texas. 


Some shows have put COVID-19 in the past, but the Fab Five highlights heroes who became pillars in their communities.



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Netflix: A Night to Remember

The kids are not alright. For Gen Z, the global crisis has halted the celebration of many milestones together. For the seniors at Navarro Early College High School, whose students in the campus are predominantly economically disadvantaged, the prom is their only chance to reunite with their friends and classmatessome of whom they have never met in real life—before they graduate. 


The heroes of the episode are members of the high school prom committee who struggled all year with drastic change. They only have a week to prepare for prom. With Fab Five’s help, they give everyone a night to remember. 



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P.S. If Tan France actually cries in an episode, you best believe this one’s a tearjerker!


A Legend in the Baking

2021 highlighted the Stop Asian Hate movement, brought by the torrential surge of anti-Asian acts in America. Communities all over have lobbied to protect AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander) as we see an unfortunate rise in racism and xenophobia. 


It’s no different for Sarah Lim, an eclectic and creative baker extraordinaire from Texas, who has faced anti-Asian acts upon opening her business, OMG Squee, an Asian-inspired bakery serving up kawaii treats. With the help of the gang, she finds the confidence to bet on herself and finds a community to help her realize that she’s not alone. 


Angel Gets Her Wings 

For many, the global pandemic has isolated them from family and friends. For members of the LGBTQIA+ community, like trans barbell athlete Angel Flores, living out her truth has separated her from the father she loves deeply. Upon transitioning, she also admits to struggling with deep-rooted insecurities, even though she’s at her happiest state.



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Though she dominates at the gym, she grapples with self-confidence in public, and she hopes the Fab Five can help her harness her inner strength, and in the process, reconnect with her father. 


Gimme Shelter

Chris Baker, executive director of Austin nonprofit The Other Ones Foundation, is a hardworking humanitarian and father that has a heart of gold, but can’t seem to accept self-love after years of struggling with substance abuse. As he steps up his style to help raise money for a state-of-the-art community for the homeless, will he find self-forgiveness in the process?


Community Allied

For passionate health care professional, Dr. Jereka Thomas-Hockaday, the pandemic has revealed inequities in the community she serves. In the span of a few months, she founded a COVID-19 testing center for underserved communities in Austin, all while leading the Central Texas Allied Health Institute. Still, even with her stellar achievements, the tireless frontliner and mother struggles with work-life balance. Will the Fab Five help pave the way for her to finally practice self-care?  


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The pandemic has been incredibly difficult for all of us, to say the least, but one thing’s for sure, the global crisis has highlighted “the helpers” in our very own communities. 


What’s your favorite episode of Queer Eye’s new season? Leave it in the comments below!



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