Nevertheless Is Red Flag Central, But Why Do We Still Love It?


July 16, 2021
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…Because it’s more than the glaring signs



Warning: light spoilers ahead.


We’ve all seen our fair share of viral K-dramas, such as Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Crash Landing On You and Start-Up. Each title brings forth a unique storyline that has thousands of viewers hooked. And for 2021, Nevertheless is climbing up the list. But not in the way you think.


This K-drama is based on a 40-episode webtoon of the same name. It follows the heartbroken Na-bi as she meets the flirty and mysterious Jae-eon on the night of her breakup. In amazing twists of serendipity, the two continue to run into each other and eventually become close. As they get closer to each other, Na-bi needs to decide if it’s all worth it, especially when Jae-eon doesn’t believe in relationships.



Nevertheless is the classic story of the chase between two people with different wants and needs. It’s pretty much a huge red flag made up of tinier red flags. We know that this will go south anytime soon, so why are we still watching this? Well, let me give you some answers.


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We’re all about the little things


Nevertheless follows the quote that “actions speak louder than words.” There’s always attention paid to the small actions: the delicate handling, tender touches and eyes that speak. We’re witnesses to the split-seconds where time stops and sparks fly, especially when Jae-eon amps up his charm and showers Na-bi in (mostly) physical affection. It reminds us that it’s the little things that hit the most: the acts of service, a show of concern and a constant, reassuring presence. That’s how Na-bi (and us, by extension) fall in love with Jae-eon and believe that there might be something more. 


We’re anticipating the crash


Many people say that Jae-eon is a walking red flag, that all of his moves are straight out of the fuckboy’s playbook. It’s so easy to vilify him for all his smooth-talking and suave gestures of affection. After all, the only perspective we hear is from Na-bi herself. We’re allowed to get inside her head and hear all the conflicting emotions she feels at once. The battle of the heart and the head is laid out, which makes it hard for us to question her choices even if alarms are blaring in our heads. We’re convinced that this would eventually blow up in their faces and we’re waiting to catch the aftermath.


Nevertheless, we’re rooting for Na-bi


We’re all rooting for her in different ways. There are the hopefuls, those who believe that she and Jae-eon deserve a happy ending. The ones who think that she’s finally the one who could change him and hold him down. Meanwhile, there are the realists who are waiting for her to end things and move on with her life. Nevertheless puts us in Na-bi’s shoes, now we’re all waiting to see what route she follows.



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There are six episodes of Nevertheless left. This gives us a lot more room to hypothesize and theorize about what’s going to happen. But all we can do is wait for what’s to come. Will Jae-eon change? Or will Na-bi firmly end things and meet someone else? It’s all up in the air now. 



Catch new episodes of Nevertheless on Netflix every Saturday at 11PM.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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One Response

  1. Thanks for your feature on this show. I was initially rooting for Nabi and Jae Eun because of how they were attracted to each other and how they affect the other. And I agree that it was Nabi’s perspective that colored the show. Around the middle of the series, I started thinking Nabi wasn’t being true to how she feels. I felt that she was more closed up than I initially thought she was and that she had this preconceived notion of what a relationship should be or should not be. I personally face emotions when I was dating and I welcomed any new aspect that presented itself. In other words, when I liked a guy, I gave it my all. I willingly opened up and gave my heart to happiness and sorrow. I didn’t expect dating or a romantic relationship to be all about roses and good times. I also never thought of changing my date’s or partner’s behavior, attitude, and beliefs. I accepted him as much as he accepted me. I did expect fidelity while I was in a relationship and I did state this always when things got serious between me and my dates. I think this is one thing that Nabi lacked…she never specified to Jae Eun what she expected from him. If she had, I guess he would have backed away or tried to change. Communication is a key, people…use it.

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