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The Ultimate OPM Karaoke Playlist

The Ultimate OPM Karaoke Playlist

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Karaoke, as a national pastime, is in the fabric of what it means to be Filipino. It may have been a Japanese businessman, Daisuke Inoue, who got the ball rolling with his Juke 8, but it was Filipino inventor Roberto del Rosario who spun this into a patented Karaoke Sing-Along System and revealed one conclusive thing following its widespread success: Filipinos really, really, really love to sing.


You can expect that wherever there’s karaoke, there’s a Filipino in the room; if not, the Pinoy spirit certainly is alive and felt. (It’s probably also belting.)


Throw in some OPM smash hits in the mix and you’ve got the makings of a nightlong biritan party. And the best part is talent is absolutely optional. If you can’t sing, sing louder. If you aren’t talented, at least you’re confident. And even if you’re short in this area, that’s what the bar stocked with liquid confidence is for.


With this in mind, we’re taking a different approach to the OPM karaoke roundup. We’ve turned to some trusty videoke kings and queens for essential OPM tracks that they then beautifully, meticulously, methodically arranged in a realistic order you can sing them in…beer count taken into consideration.


Presenting: The true ultimate OPM karaoke playlist.


The Ultimate OPM Karaoke Playlist | Wonder



The “Welcome to Karaoke Night!” Stage

Think of this as the stretch before the marathon. The night is young and you and your company are likely working your way through the first two buckets of beer. “At this tier, may hiya-hiyaan pa,” videoke queen #1 explains, which makes the following tracks perfect for just this setting. These songs are familiar and easygoing and perfect for getting those vocal cords revved up.



The “Wait, You Love This Song, Too?!” Stage

Surely, by this time, everybody’s having a good time. You’ve all loosened up and the mic has gone around once or twice. This is also the stage where people in the room begin to get to know one another a little bit better vis-à-vis their song choices. Are they a birit queen? Rakista at heart? Are they going through some things and are actually here for a little karaoke therapy? Either way, mic or no mic, hugot or no hugot, the tracks below are designed to get the entire room singing.



After “Kuya, Pa-Extend Ng Time?”

With so many more songs on your queue, so many more stories to share and many more bottles of liquid courage you’re probably eyeing, you ask the nice karaoke staff to give you and your friends one more hour…or two. Here, you pull out the feel-good bangers and cap them off with one particular transitional song. Where it leads to? You probably know.



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The “Shame? What Shame?” Stage

This is the point of the evening where confidence levels are at an all-time high. Some timid ones in the bunch reveal their surprising hidden personas. The proud-to-be jologs start to show themselves, too. This is for sure: singing in the correct key is nobody’s concern. Neither is getting all the rap words down-pat (though you try…you really try).



Finally, “Uwian Na; May Nanalo Na

A quintessential OPM karaoke playlist without Aegis is like talking Christmas without a tree or a birthday without a cake. Songs by Aegis are staple OPM tracks––and karaoke-loving generations who have come after the ‘90s group’s heyday should know better than to sleep on their hits.




You can always put your own spin on this and add a dash of Jaya, Billie Crawford or ChicoSci, but isn’t it good to know you’ve got the bases covered? A final word from the videoke kings and queens who’ve imparted knowledge here: What happens at karaoke, stays at karaoke.


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