A Treat Worth The Trip: Papa Bolo In Tagaytay

A Treat Worth The Trip: Papa Bolo In Tagaytay

Papa Bolo offers great beer, on tap, for all folks



Do you ever get the feeling that you’re stuck and that all your old escapes just don’t do the trick anymore? We all have our favorite spots, sure, but sometimes you just feel like you need an adventure once in a while. Like there’s an urge for something different, but is still something within your comfort zone—that’s where Papa Bolo fits in perfectly.



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Nestled in Tagaytay, there’s no denying that Papa Bolo requires a trip for us city rats. But the thing is, it’s completely worth it. When you’re sick of the hustle and bustle of the city and need some fresher air to breathe in, Tagaytay’s perfect for the getaway. But while we’re all up for greenery and a mini road trip, Papa Bolo also provides a few things that are more up our alley: beers and eats.


The industrial design of Papa Bolo stands out in a sea of clouds and more neutral-colored establishments. But while the façade of the building is something to marvel at, stepping into the space, taking a seat and placing an order is the real experience.


From the minds and taste buds of the chefs behind Lampara, Papa Bolo offers a wide menu of dishes. There are quite a few to name, but the evident standouts include their Wagyu with Enoki, Soft-Shell Crab, Crispy Pata and the Taal dessert—it sounds rich, I know, and it is. But stay with me.


The food is purposefully decadent, as each item is meant to pair with something off the library of beer that Papa Bolo offers (and we’ll get to them in a bit). The bitterness and subtle sweetness of the tap beer cuts the richness of the food, so fair warning: you might find the hours are passing by without you realizing it.



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Then, of course, there is the great beer, served on tap, for all folks. It’s a conscious tagline, and is one that the beer masters live by. But what are the options?


Cowboy Classic

This was the first glass introduced that day, and it’s clear to understand why. It unlocks the door, and acts as the perfect palate opener.


Barkada Bliss

Straight-up beer. Done and done—no fuss, no muss and definitely no coconuts.


Disco Biscuit

Aha! Something that errs on the sweeter side of things. The Disco Biscuit is malty, but with notes of vanilla, lemon and blueberry.


Twin Suns

Papa Bolo’s Twin Suns is probably one of the most drinkable ones—at least for those that regularly consume beer. It’s their take on the Double IPA, mixing in earthy, citrusy and piney flavors.


Bad Pony

If you like your beer bitter, then the Bad Pony was made with you in mind. But honestly not a favorite.


Piña Niña

If there had to be a winner, I would crown the Piña Niña. Infused by Tagaytay pineapples in both the brewing process and the post-fermentation process, the sweet notes are subtle yet effective.



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So hey, we all need a break sometime. A break that acts as an escape and offers actual reprieve from the day to day. So why not make the trip and go somewhere that’s comfortable and familiar, yet altogether new?



Papa Bolo is located on Tagaytay-Nasugbu Road corner Crisanto De Los Reyes Avenue, Tagaytay City.



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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