PARADISE RISING Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the semilucent EP

PARADISE RISING Takes Us Behind the Scenes of the semilucent EP

“It's about time.”



Our lives under quarantine have been punctuated by countless ups and downs, but the release of semilucent, the first EP under 88rising and Globe Telecom's brainchild, PARADISE RISING, is easily one of the high points we're still a little hung up over.



With five tracks, PARADISE RISING set the spark of possibility ablaze. It's long been a dream to see Filipino music represented on a global stage—but not because we haven't seen it. The Lea Salongas and Regine Velasquezes, the Toro y Mois and No Romes of the world have done just that. We've seen Filipino talent recognized, lauded beyond our borders.


We don't dream of the world hearing our music because it hasn't been done before. We know what that success looks like, which is precisely why we want it even more.


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“My hope for all of us artists from the Philippines is to really be able to raise our flag and let the world know we're here,” expresses Kiana V, one of the five artists on the EP. As Jason Dhakal, another artist off the semilucent roster stresses, Filipino music has been thriving in its own space, building up its own unique soul—without the fluff, without the noise marketing, without the large-scale production houses to back it up. It's in the whiplash-inducing beat that hits you when you walk into a cramped performance hall. It's in the lack of space between bodies that move together at the local music festivals we look forward to every year. It's in the bravery of a student in her bedroom, nervously sharing her first track with the world online. OPM as we know it today has taken on a variety of forms and shapes and sounds—and the world deserves to hear it.


Listen to Kiana V, Fern., Massiah, Leila Alcasid and Jason Dhakal talk about their own experience bringing OPM to the world.




Stream semilucent, out now on all major streaming platforms. Follow PARADISE RISING on InstagramTwitter and Facebook.



Special thanks to PARADISE RISING

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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