Park Bom Makes a Comeback

Park Bom Makes a Comeback

Five years later, the former 2NE1 songstress is back with a new single



It’s been five years since Park Bom got entangled in a misunderstanding that shut down her career. A former member of the iconic quintet, 2NE1, she was once a trailblazer of the K-Pop wave, one of the untouchables alongside the likes of Big Bang, Super Junior and Girls Generation. Right on the cusp of worldwide recognition with feats like MTV Iggy’s Song of the Year and a spot in Fuse TV’s 40 Best Albums of 2014 as the sole Asian artist, the world as 2NE1 and their fans, Blackjacks, knew it fell apart at the hands of a customs agent, a medical prescription and a dissonance in Korean-American medical laws.


Park Bom had been charged with smuggling drugs into South Korea––but while the “drug” she had attempted to import in 2010 was simply Adderall prescribed by a doctor to treat her ADHD while she was in the United States. Unaware that the medication was still dubbed illegal in the country, Park Bom was subject to investigation and was eventually written off a smuggler. The entertainment scene was wiped clean of her existence: her appearances on television cancelled and her group slipping into hiatus and eventual disbandment.


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Since then, the songstress has been keeping a low profile. She made a slow return to social media, signed with a new label, watched her fellow 2NE1 members pursue solo careers from the sidelines. Fast forward to 2019 and she’s finally back.


Produced by certified hitmakers Brave Brothers and featuring her former groupmate Sandara Park, Bom’s comeback single, Spring, topped South Korean real-time music charts upon its release. Described as a medium-tempo R&B track, the song has Park Bom written all over it––from the synth-heavy sound to the fantasy-tinged feel of it all.


As of writing, the music video has also garnered more than 2.5 million views on YouTube. If that isn’t a triumphant return, what is?


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