3 K-Dramas That Will Make You Swoon Over Park Seo-joon

3 K-Dramas That Will Make You Swoon Over Park Seo-joon

Can’t get enough of Korean actor Park Seo-joon? Here are some of his K-dramas to get you started!



You may have heard of or are familiar with Park Seo-joon. The award-winning South Korean actor has not only made waves in the K-drama scene but in Hollywood, too, especially with his recent appearance in The Marvels. I can still remember how the whole cinema gasped and screamed in excitement upon seeing him. His scenes may have been short but oh, were they impactful.


Park Seo-joon is undoubtedly talented and versatile, taking up different roles and starring in TV series and films across a variety of genres. Aside from his acting prowess, his handsome features—especially that charming smile—have definitely got us feeling things, and it’s no surprise that he has captured the hearts of many (mine included).


If you’re disappointed in his lack of screen time in The Marvels or simply want to watch him on your screen for hours on end (honestly, same), then this list is for you! Here are three binge-worthy K-dramas—in no particular order—starring Park Seo-joon that will make you fall in love with the actor even more!


“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” (2018)


First things first, if you’re looking for a K-drama that will make you laugh and touch your heart, then this one’s perfect for you! Park Seo-joon brings his character Lee Young Joon, Yumyung Group’s smart yet narcissistic vice chairman, to life. While he’s got everything that the world has to offer, his life is turned upside down when Kim Mi So, his reliable secretary for nine years announces her resignation. Lee Young Joon attempts to win her back through various hilarious and heart-fluttering antics. So what is wrong with Secretary Kim, you may ask? Watch to find out! 


“Hwarang” (2016)


If you’re hoping to get to know more about Korean culture and history, make sure to add Hwarang to your watchlist. This period piece tells the story of Hwarang, young elite warriors who were tasked to protect the royal family and the Silla Kingdom. Park Seo-joon plays a commoner named Moo-myung (also known as “Dog-bird”)  who unexpectedly became a Hwarang. We then get to see the joys and struggles of these warriors, as well as the rivalry and friendship that forms among them. Plus, we not only get to see Park Seo-joon don a hanbok but also witness the origins of the actor’s real-life friend group called the “Wooga Squad,” which includes Park Hyung-sik and BTS’ V. (Count me in, please!) 


“Itaewon Class” (2020)


Want to see more of Park Seo-joon’s range as an actor? Then Itaewon Class is a must-watch! A complete 180 from his usual roles in romantic comedy K-dramas, he plays the role of Park Sae-ro Yi, a socially awkward ex-convict who you can’t help but root for. Despite going through a lot in life, he’s determined to get back up and persevere. He even opens a restaurant and bar called “Danbam” in Itaewon, a city known for its vibrant nightlife. After all, success is the best revenge and Park Sae-ro Yi embodies just that. What’s more, he’s made some awesome friends along the way, too!


What’s your favorite Park Seo-joon K-drama? Let us know in the comments below!



Words MJ Viernes

Art Macky Arquilla

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