The People & Companies That Stepped In In Big Ways To Help Ensure Liveability

The People & Companies That Stepped In In Big Ways To Help Ensure Liveability

There’s a lot of co-dependency happening right now



In times of crisis like this, priorities shift. There comes a sudden turn that transforms “What do I eat today?” to “Can I eat today?” People stop wondering about what to do over the weekend and start to think about whether or not a trip to the grocery is worth the risk. Suddenly those of us who have the means wish we could do more to help—when so many of us, just weeks ago, ignored the faces pressed against our car windows and complained about never seeing our friends or family who worked in the medical field. 


I know that there is a lot to say about how things have been (mis)handled, but so many of us have also risen to today’s challenges. Companies around the world and within our own shores have stepped up to make things more liveable, to ensure as much continuity as possible. Individuals have stepped in to make sure our focus is not one dimensional; that we still see others who need help. 


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So today is about celebration and gratitude, about believing in human compassion and our capability to do what we can for the benefit of everyone else. 


Lockdown Cinema Club x GIFF

Many of our fellow Filipinos have lost the safety of a stable income due to the lockdown. But while some of the bigger companies have vowed to keep their contractual employees on the payroll during this time, one can only wonder about those who are not under the umbrella of a multi-million company.


Enter: Lockdown Cinema Club, an initiative put together by independent filmmakers to help support film workers (we're talking the electricians, the caretakers, the clappers, the utility personnel, the carpenters). The idea is to give audiences access to the material, and they give what they can in exchange. Up in the library are the works of filmmakers from Singapore, Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines—including entries to the GIFF Festival of New Cinema.


Watch what you want, give what you can


San Miguel Corporation 

In a statement released on March 16, San Miguel Corporation made it clear that its supply chains were still in line and stable. President and COO Ramon S. Ang assured the public that SMC’s inventories were enough to support and feed the Filipino people for months—and further added that the corporation would work on distributing food donations to poor communities. 


To live out that latter promise, SMC revived the Nutribun, a vitamin-packed bread that would be distributed to charitable groups and Metro Manila communities where families have no access to food. 


With all due respect to “Give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime,” these days are for hand feeding—no one has the means to fish for themselves.



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Globe, Smart and PLDT

We complain about their services loudly and often, but Globe, Smart and PLDT have all extended bill payment due dates for postpaid subscribers in order to ensure everybody’s connections. And when times are this anxiety-inducing, it’s nice not to have to worry about being disconnected when you need to feel community the most. 


With Globe Rewards, Globe also gave its subscribers an easy way to donate their points to PGH Medical Foundation, Inc., living out their promise to help medical frontliners. Along with Globe's own commitment of 5 million, the telco company has raised over 250 million.


The People & Companies That Stepped In In Big Ways To Help Ensure Liveability


Jollibee, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Rue Bourbon, Kopiko & so much more

On its own, Jollibee has committed to providing 100 million-worth of food to feed frontliners of our battle against COVID-19. And while this is a wonderful move, the better this is that they aren’t alone. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Rue Bourbon have provided nourishment to frontliners, as well as Kopiko and so many other corporations—even small businesses have. 


Bela Padilla’s pagkain para sa pinoy

Knowing that a great following comes with great responsibility, Bela Padilla took it upon herself to give people an avenue to reach those who lived on a daily wage, a wage that would inevitably dwindle as everyone locked themselves in the safety of their homes.


Bela’s simple fundraiser got over 1 million in donations, which she used and evenly distributed among street vendors around Metro Manila. 


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On a normal day, hospitals are already pretty crowded—that’s why most of us need to get a day off from work for a simple checkup—but amidst the COVID-19 situation, hospitals all over the city are filled to the brim. The likes of Makati Medical Center had even issued a statement so say they were already over their capacity and would not be able to take more patients on.


But hey, Angel Locsin found an answer in #UnitentWeStandPH.



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The fundraiser, which earned over 1 million in a day, aims to provide tents for overcrowded hospitals. It would theoretically work two-fold; giving more space for more patients and also helping stop spread the virus by providing an entirely separate space for certain patients.


Lazada, MetroMart and WalterMart

Because social distancing is a very real thing that everyone should be following and groceries have been quite strict with the amount of people that they let inside their premises, online shopping is a must. Right now, Lazada, MetroMart and WalterMart are still online to delivery our groceries—but they’ve waived their time commitments and have warned possible shortage of items. But, honestly, with their services still up and running, the least we can offer is a little understanding. 


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Humans, corporations and businesses can be selfish—that’s just how things are. We’ve seen what kind of awful people are capable of. But all of this that’s happening now kind of proves there’s still heart somewhere in there. If only we could remember to use it more often, huh?



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