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Which Perea Street Boy Is Your Streetwear Style Soulmate?

Which Perea Street Boy Is Your Streetwear Style Soulmate?

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Get to know the trio taking over Instagram and the local streetwear scene in one fell swoop



It all began with a Telegram group. For friends Julo de Guzman, Judd Figuerres and Edsel Uy, who were first brought together by their work at WYD Productions, it started with a group chat where talks about projects spun into talks about a shared hobby. “Back-tracking: that Telegram group started when we worked on a fashion film with Kim Cam Jones. It turned into a thread where we discussed and updated each other on streetwear brands,” shares the boys of Perea Street. “It was just us three talking about what’s about to come out, should we buy it or not, that kind of stuff.”


Soon, talk turned into shopping; shopping turned into a waiting game. Little did the production team of three know this would spawn great content for their off-duty hobby on Instagram. This waiting game inspired episode one (first blood for the Perea Street boys involved a package from New York-based label Awake). “It took a month of waiting for our order to arrive. When we finally got it in the mail, we thought about doing an unboxing video,” says Julo. “It was a video of our genuine reactions: of us seeing our orders for the first time and commenting on the products. We didn’t know that a lot of people would take notice or enjoy watching the video as much as we did creating it. That was episode one of Perea Street.”


With 12 episodes in the now-wrapped first season and followers already on standby for the sophomore instalment, Perea Street on IGTV has incontrovertibly secured itself a niche in the local streetwear scene: complete with its own original soundtrack, the three guys’ distinct and endearing personalities and chemistry as undeniable as their streetwear sensibilities.


As we wait for season two to drop, here’s a little something we put together with our friends at Case Study to keep you entertained. Which Perea Street boy is your streetwear style soulmate? Take the quiz below to find out!


1. Who is your streetwear style crush?

2. If you had to wear a single color from head to toe, which color would it be?

3. Pick a logo tee.

4. Now, pick a cap you'd wear on a regular day out.

5. Which of the fellas below would you consider your style hero?

6. What is one aspect of streetwear that turns you off?

7. Pick a Case Study Atelier t-shirt.

8. Now, pick a sneaker.

9. You’re given P100,000, but you can only spend it on one item. What do you buy?

10. Pick a clichéd streetwear item you would rather not wear.

11. Lastly, pick a bag you'd wear on a regular day out.

Which Perea Street Boy Is Your Streetwear Style Soulmate?
Edsel is your streetwear style soulmate.

Your personal style in a nutshell: clean, simple yet equally experimental (though one thing’s for sure: you would never be caught dead wearing head-to-toe Anti Social Social Club). Like Edsel, your daily uniform likely includes a t-shirt tucked into trousers, sneakers and the occasional utilitarian hat. You’re not one to shy away from accessories either and men’s jewelry is right up your alley. Brands like Palace, Noah NYC, Uniqlo and Acne Studios are just some of your favorites, too.
Judd is your streetwear style soulmate.

As with all things in life, you like to approach streetwear with a sense of humor. Your sense of style, while it’s constantly changing, is always fun and colorful. For Judd, a “funky approach to mixing and matching items is always welcome” and this is something that resonates with you. “Your fashion choices have a lot of power over your mood,” he adds. “Your color combinations double as a pick-me-up.” While you’re a fan of mainstream brands like Palace, Supreme and Ader Error, you advocate for local streetwear labels like BASTARD and Unschld and believe regional streetwear brands are having a moment right now. They should be hyped just as much.
Julo is your streetwear style soulmate.

Like Julo, you’re well-versed when it comes to streetwear labels and know the what’s what of streetwear culture. Still, there are days where nothing beats something a little more streamlined like a crew-neck sweater worn with a pair of chinos and oxfords. Your style is pretty versatile that way. Back to streetwear: you and Julo share a “sporty-slash-corporate lifewear” aesthetic and enjoy a no-fucks-given mentality when it comes to style. He shares: “I enjoy the I do me and you do you aspect of it all.”

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