Pia Wurtzbach Becomes First LazAffiliates Ambassador

Pia Wurtzbach Becomes First LazAffiliates Ambassador

Pia Wurtzbach recounts her best memories from 2023 and gives us insight into the LazAffiliates program by Lazada



2023 was a full year for Pia Wurtzbach, now Pia Jauncey, after marrying her long-time love Jeremy in a very intimate ceremony on the secluded North Island of Seychelles last March. She also released her debut novel, Queen of the Universe, which reads like a memoir but is a work of fiction loosely based on her own life entering pageantry. She also made headlines during Fashion Week back in October, having been included among the highest-ranked figures, generating over P192 million in media value during Milan Fashion Week.


Pia Wurtzbach was once told that her best years were behind her, but it seems that she’s only just beginning. We caught up with Miss Universe 2015 during the The Wish List Thanksgiving event by Lazada where she was announced as the first LazAffiliates ambassador.



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Whether you’re a small-time creator, an entrepreneur or a celebrity, LazAffiliates is a program that allows you to share your favorite products and earn passive income just by sharing them with your network. Being part of the LazAffiliates community brings happiness to Pia. She reveals, “I think the best thing about being a LazAffiliate is you’re able to share your favorite links and share [them] with your audience, no matter how small or big [it is]. You don’t have to be a celebrity or have such a big following in order to be an effective LazAffiliate—you just have to have your network.” 

Authentic product testimonials play such a big role in the effectiveness of the program. Pia tells Wonder, “I think how LazAffiliates really works is authenticity…when they see that you have a real testimonial of the product and you actually use it. Nabudol ka, makakabudol ka [rin] ng iba! I think it’s a great program that Lazada started. I know so many people [who] are LazAffiliates.” She adds, “Everybody can sign up for a LazAffiliate program! I think it’s a really good way to have some passive income and also to just share [your] favorite finds online because that’s what we do—it brings us happiness!”



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A year-end Thanksgiving event is not complete without a 2023 review. Pia recounts the incredible things that happened to her. She tells all: “There are so many things that I’m grateful for. I started this year, honestly, having a list of goals but not really sure if they’re going to happen. The book is one thing I wasn’t sure that was still happening; it was put on delay for a few years. I was also really planning on doing more projects outside of the Philippines, I had those on my list, but I was like, ‘Kaya ba (Is this doable)? I wonder if it’s too late for me to do it, maybe I should have done this years ago.' All those doubts and all those questions! Of course, one of them is also to get into business, that’s something I’ve been working on for a while now. Part of that is also working on Lazada as a LazAffiliate—that also gives you a business mindset.”


Almost as if an invisible lightbulb appeared, Pia adds, “Of course, I got married this year! 2023 turned out to be a year where so many changes happened, and all of the things that I was worried about in the beginning turned out to be just worries. Things all align in the end anyway.”


Unwrap Pia Wurtzbach’s exclusive wish list that you can add to cart during Lazada’s 12.12 All Out Christmas Sale! Be part of the LazAffiliates program by signing up here.



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