Pink Sweat$’ Concert is the Virtual Valentine’s Getaway You’re Looking For

Pink Sweat$’ Concert is the Virtual Valentine’s Getaway You’re Looking For

A one way ticket to Pink Planet, please



Not to worsen the impending feeling of doom that’s been hanging over our heads, but in a month’s time, we’ll have unlocked an achievement we never asked for: a full year of lockdown. A full year.


Thinking about it is complicated; what we all believed would be a two-week break from the outside world has turned into the world’s longest. The last occasion we collectively celebrated before that fateful day in 2020 was Valentine’s day—and like clockwork, we’re closing in on Valentine’s weekend again.  


Most of us have gotten the hang of celebrating under these circumstances. Zoom gatherings, ordering in, virtual game nights—all good things, but for Valentine’s weekend, we’re directing your attention to an alternative means of celebration.



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Pink Sweat$, musician and self proclaimed teddy bear-slash-sex symbol, is commemorating the release of his long-awaited album Pink Planet with a virtual concert. Happening on February 13, Pink Planet Live is a fully interactive experience for both Pink and his fans. The online event will also set the scene for his very first performance of his debut album.


In a conversation with Pink last year, he described Pink Planet as the place where “you go on a musical journey that’s like wow, this is a crazy dope place.” And if the first track off the album is any indication, it’s going to leave us basking in the warm, fuzzy afterglow that Pink’s music brings with it.


We don’t know about you, but that’s exactly how we want to spend our Valentine’s weekend. 



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Pink Sweat$’s Pink Planet Live E-concert happens on February 13, 9AM PHT. Click through to learn more about the show, or stream his debut album Pink Planet when it drops this weekend!



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