Halloween Looks Inspired by 2022 Pop Culture

Halloween Looks Inspired by 2022 Pop Culture

From Bella Hadid’s spray-on Coperni dress to Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer, it’s time to serve Halloween looks with this year’s top pop culture moments



Spooktober is *finally* here and, with it, the wealth of pop culture references—and controversies—to recreate. Ideas abound, from Sophie Turner’s iconic cameo in Netflix’s Do Revenge to our very own Drag Race Philippines queens. Whether your mood is seductive, pa-pretty or outright horrific, we’ve got you covered. Bring on the Halloween looks!


Drag Race Philippines Queens

You can’t go wrong with drag, especially with the plethora of fashion and beauty moments that slayed—and went viral—during the very first season of Drag Race Philippines. From the queens’ interpretation of the Philippine mythological creature tiyanak to pure eleganza ala Miss Universe, pop off and serve that bad bitch energy!



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Need more DRP looks to recreate? Take a cue from Wonder’s Drag Brunch editorial featuring Viñas DeLuxe photographed by Wilmark Jolindon.


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Erica Norman from Do Revenge

“I don’t do cocaine!”


No moment on Netflix as of late has stuck with us than Sophie Turner’s iconic cameo in the teen flick Do Revenge. With just a few minutes of screen time, bitchy Erica Norman stole the show. And it’s easy to recreate, too. Serve looks in a white tennis skirt, polo and visor. And don’t forget a simple braid! (Erica’s hair is so big because it’s full of secrets.)



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And for the besties out there, why not turn up at a Poblacion Halloween party as fucked up besties Drea Torres and Eleanor Levetan?



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If all else fails, you can always dress up as a nepotism baby! You’re welcome.


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Cassie’s “happy” moment in Euphoria

I have never, ever been happier!


Who can forget Cassie’s (Sydney Sweeney) meltdown of epic proportions in the second season of Euphoria? After all, it’s the show that launched a thousand maximalist beauty looks. Recreate this retro-inspired beauty look with a delicate baby blue eye accentuated with exaggerated lashes ala Twiggy. And you’re bound to find a vintage plaid blue dress somewhere online—maybe try Carousell?



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Need more out-of-this-world ideas from Euphoria? We’re still not over the visually stunning “love montage,” which features Rue (Zendaya) and Jules (Hunter Schafer). Here, the young couple recreated iconic love scenes from movies like Ghost and Titanic.



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Bella Hadid in Coperni

We’re definitely still thinking of Bella Hadid’s spray-on Coperni dress—all before Ye overpowered Paris Fashion Week with his racist anti-Black and anti-semitic comments. Here’s an excuse to dress down for last-minute Halloween parties with a cheeky white dress. You can even DIY it if you’re feeling creative and paint on your body!



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Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer

Halloween is the only time of the year when you can dress up as a real-life serial killer (and even a fictional one, like Hannibal Lecter). But before you go all-out thrifting for that perfect 80s-inspired fit and aviator eyeglasses, read this review first.


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Bonus: Kakampink

If you wanna relive the heydays of this year’s calculated election season, wear head-to-toe pink—no questions asked.


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We can’t wait to see how you’ll recreate this year’s pop culture moments for in your Halloween looks. But let’s face it, who needs a whole month spotlighting everything horror when we’re living under the most horrific circumstances on a day-to-day basis? Whoops!



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