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June 16, 2023
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Partying all Pride long!


For the past five years, Wonder has taken the time to celebrate Pride and Independence every June. While they appear as two seemingly different things, they have a profoundly generous overlap. And this weekend, the beloved LGBTQIA+ pop culture podcast Pop Emergency and UMUSIC Philippines will bring both together through Pride & Power Volume III: Love Takes Space. The variety show serves as Pop Emergency’s biggest and brightest celebration since festivities came to a halt because of the pandemic. But not to worry, because there’s one hell of a Saturday night waiting for you.



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The all-queer variety show will feature our local industry's best and hottest talents in different scenes. From drag, comedy, music and dance, Pride & Power Volume III: Love Takes Space will bring forth a fantastic night for every community member and its allies. Enjoy stand-up sets by Zsaris, Jeleen Cubillas and Issa Villavedre. Keep your eyes peeled for performances by Miss Juicy, Tiny Deluxe, Captivating Katkat and M1ss Jade So. 


We know a party isn’t one without music, and this weekend's getting plenty of it! Watch Kumare Harvey, Kio Priest, Dom Guyot, House of Mizrahi, Stef Aranas and Nica Del Rosario take the stage. And don’t sleep on DJ Jer Dee, DJ Marky and DJ Vapors when they bring their beats to the DJ booth. Pop Emergency hosts Alwyn Mancio and Adrian De Guzman will take their dynamic to the stage as the evening’s hosts. Pair all these with free-flowing booze—it’s a pre-Pride party you want to see and be seen in.



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But more than celebrating, Pride & Power Volume III: Love Takes Space serves as a show of force. It’s an establishment of visibility, an avenue to have the community uplift each other and their young creatives. In a time where we need to take a stand more than ever, the community must come together regardless of who you are or who you love. Here, we get to champion the LGBTQIA+ community and its advocacies by colorfully painting the town and the weekend all colors of the Progress Pride Flag. 


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Pride & Power Volume III: Love Takes Space is happening on Saturday, June 17, at Matrix Creation Events, Quezon City. The party starts at 8PM!


Only limited tickets are left, so get your hands on the now through


Pride & Power Volume III: Love Takes Space is presented by Pop Emergency and UMUSIC Philippines, powered by GCash, brought to you by Closeup and Durex. Special thanks to their Official Beverage Partners Engkanto Brewery, Destileria Limtuaco & Co., Inc., and SIP Purified Water; and their Official Food Partners Hashi Donburi & Butterboy. Wonder stands as one of the Official Media Partners.



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