PPOPCON EXTRA! is here to Cure your Post-Concert Depression

PPOPCON EXTRA! is here to Cure your Post-Concert Depression

Relive your favorite concert memories with PPOPCON EXTRA!



If you’ve attended a concert in the past, chances are, you're familiar with the feeling of post-concert depression. You’re at the concert of your dreams for an hour and a half (two if you’re lucky!) listening to your favorite artist, singing your heart out and being around people just as passionate as you are—and it all ends in a blink of an eye. There’s nothing quieter than the ride home after the concert. Though it’s been a while since we’ve had live shows, it’s almost certain that we’ll be feeling post-concert depression again.


With restrictions easing up this 2022, the live entertainment scene is starting to ripen: once-empty performance spaces are brought back to life with local artists, and the Filipinos’ favorite international artists are bound to make a comeback after being away for more than two years.


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Earlier in April, the Pinoy Pop Convention (PPOPCON) marked the return of live entertainment by celebrating Filipino pop culture and music. The P-pop community has grown significantly the past three years, with fresh debuts from SB19, Alamat, BGYO, BINI, LITZ and more.


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Being the first Pinoy Pop Convention, the event was dubbed as the “ultimate fan gathering,” as multiple fandoms came together to watch their favorite Pinoy artists perform live. The concert, held in Araneta Coliseum, showcased performances from SB19, MNL48, BGYO, BINI, 4th Impact, ALAMAT, Press Hit Play, VXON, KAlA and G22.


During the 2-day convention held at New Frontier Theater, PPop Generation, Daydream, R Rules, Calista and DIONE provided entertainment as fans participated in visiting booths, shopping for official merch, playing fanbase activities and even meeting their biases up close.


The event served as a debut stage for promising new P-pop artists like KAIA, G22 and DIONE, as well as a comeback stage for more senior P-pop groups VXON, 4th Impact and MNL48. The convention marked an event in OPM history, for artists, fans and organizers alike.


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Three months after the memorable event, PPOPCON makes its comeback for a limited run with PPOPCON EXTRA!—an extended online concert featuring never-before-seen footage, remastered concert replay (director’s cut), exclusive interviews, rehearsal snippets, convention and concert highlights, and many more. P-pop fans can relive the nostalgia and joy they felt during the convention with over four hours (!!!) of exclusive, extended and extra content from the event.


For fans suffering post-concert depression, or even those who missed the concert, get the chance to experience the concert this June to July with PPOPCON EXTRA!


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Fans can watch the online concert for a limited time on June 26 to July 3, 2022 via and Tickets will be on sale starting June 8, 2022.


Check out @PPOPCONVENTION on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Visit for more information.



Words Gwyneth King


Art Pis Trinidad

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