The QCinema 2018 Headliners: Who, What & What About?

The QCinema 2018 Headliners: Who, What & What About?

Looking into this QCinema 2018’s lineup



Since its inception, the QCinema International Film Festival has been a two-edged sword that’s efficiently and effectively strengthened local and international film presence in the Philippine setting. QCinema 2018, however, is not just following the trend set by years before it, it’s coming at us stronger than ever.


Directors have, of course lauded the Circle Competition, which gives grants to particular filmmakers and gives them the chance to showcase their work in QCinema. But what they appreciate more than the money, it seems, is that they’re given the freedom to be filmmakers. The results?


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Billie & Emma

Directed by Samantha Lee



Set in the 90s, Billie & Emma follows from-the-city troublemaker Billie as she tries to lay low in San Isidro, where she is sent to live with her spinster aunt who also happens to be the town’s religion teacher. But her efforts are put to a halt when she meets Emma, the high school’s star student that clearly has a knack for getting Billie out of her shell.


The two find themselves falling in love with each other and, as if the small province of the 90s isn’t hard enough for a same-sex couple, Emma finds out she’s pregnant, too.


Dog Days

Directed by Timmy Harn



Michael Jordan Ulili, much like his namesake, is skilled in basketball. But without a family and without a real basketball team, he’s left to find his own path. With people taunting him, teasing him and pressuring him to be famous, he makes a proclamation: He’s a star and he’s going to make his money.


But his journey ends up not at all like he expected. He finds himself driving down a road to ruin and leaving a crystal meth trail on his path.


Masla A Papanok

Directed by Gutierrez Mangansakan II



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There’s a princess seeking refuge in a convent to escape an arranged marriage. There’s a prince that’s trying to make sense of his role. Oddly, a bird reappears after centuries of absence.


This film, which mixes history, myth, memory and magic, is the telling of a reimagined version of the Spanish colonial period set in Mindanao.


Hintayan ng Langit

Directed by Dan Villegas



In her 60’s, Lisang died of complications from diabetes and has since been spending her time in purgatory, causing trouble for the other souls. Arguably, her two-year stint was a long one as she waited for her call to go to heaven.


Her wait, however, has finally come to an end—the timing just doesn’t seem right. It happens just as she starts to connect to another soul, that of her newly deceased ex-boyfriend, Manolo.


Oda Sa Wala

Directed by Dwein Baltazar



Sonya is an old maid and is unrecognized by the people of her town, where she and her father run a funeral shop. She lives her days alone and in misery, until a special corpse makes its way to their door. Sonya is drawn to the mystery surrounding this particular diseased and she develops an invigorating relationship with it.


But then just as things start looking up, distress finds its way back to her life.


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If there’s one thing that that QCinema celebrates, it’s this: There is local talent to support, behold and watch out for—so watch out for them.


Premiere schedule:

Billie & Emma, directed by Samantha Lee – October 22, Monday

Dog Days, directed by Timmy Harn – October 22, Monday

Masla A Papanok, directed by Gutierrez Mangansakan II – October 22, Monday

Hintayan ng Langit, directed by Dan Villegas, October 23, Tuesday

Oda Sa Wala, directed by Dwein Baltazar– October 23, Tuesday


Participating theaters:

Gateway Cineplex 10



Movieworld Galleria

UP Town Center

SM City North EDSA

Greenbelt 1

SM Megamall

SM Manila

SM Mall of Asia



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