Quotes To Get You Going Throughout Every Situation


March 26, 2017
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Because words don’t always harm, sometimes they can heal



Everyone gets knocked down by life; no one is immune to it. We all have less-than- perfect days. In fact, we all experience less-than- okay days and we end up feeling like we should just crawl into a fetus position and give up. But, as cliché as it sounds, the important thing is to get the hell up and out again.


During those inevitable times you need a little help getting up, let these wise words guide you. And believe, for once, that words can do you good too—and then pass them on.


They say that history is written by and only remembers the winners, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes getting up every morning and trying is just as noble, if not even more. And hey, sometimes it’s the absolute hardest thing to even do.


Say it again and again: You are the fire. You not only have the power to withstand society in its messy and sometimes unreasonable state, but you also have the strength to influence and change and inspire—even if it’s just for yourself.


Such is the way of life: One thing before another, cause and effect, you give what you take. Everyone needs to struggle before experience some relief, work needs to be done to get results.


Then again, being your own slave is not the way to go. Give yourself some time to breathe. You can’t be 100 percent of yourself all the time, you can’t give all of you in every single thing you do. Don’t let yourself get burnt out.


The world will keep trying to knock you down; don’t let yourself get stiff. Even the most innocent and unassuming individual will get a stone thrown at them. So just keep moving at your own pace, get through your obstacles and leave a mark wherever you go.


Enough said.


When the grandness of your dreams start weighing down on you, keep pushing. Make those steps no matter how small they seem now. Because what else would you rather be doing with your time anyway?


Oh, your past self. You pick them apart and you can hate them and you can get mad at them. But did you ever notice you could be so much happier with the “past you” if you had just started on that thing you were supposed to start with?


Because no one cares if a college student aces a first grade test and you shouldn’t feel great about being able to tie your own shoes. Life demands that we take a chance and risk something.


Plot twists are exciting and they mean great things are coming.


Your heart won’t always be broken and your will get your breath of air. Situations change, time passes and you will overcome them.


Let things make you stronger and more appreciative, don’t let them break you.


AKA don’t cry over spilled milk.


No matter how annoying it is to hear and no matter how little it means when you’re in something deep, things really could be worse most of the time.


Because live your life.



Art Alexandra Lara

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