Slowing Things Down With Raphiel Shannon and Melody Hodgson

Slowing Things Down With Raphiel Shannon and Melody Hodgson

Just the music you'd want to listen to on a quiet night in



The seasons are changing and that should mean more than just a slight wardrobe (and accessories) update. There are cute umbrellas to purchase and protect us from the rain and there is new music to explore—there is always new music to explore. That’s part of why it’s so great.


Today’s highlights? Raphiel Shannon and Melody Hodgson.


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Raphiel Shannon


A true musician of today, Raphiel Shannon first started gaining buzz with her covers on YouTube before she got picked up by Viva. And with natural talent and hard work on her side, it was only inevitable that she’d get the—growing—following that she has now.


Young and unassuming, Raphiel has a masters in acoustic music and is learning just how to share this with an audience. While she never planned to make music her career, the path’s been set and we’re all ears for what she has next.


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Melody Hodgson


With a slew of covers and some originals littered on her YouTube channel, Melody Hodgson’s signature seems to be a mixture of slow-yet-upbeat heartfelt titles that anyone can jam to. Take your pick between her offerings and find your new favorite?


Born November 9, 1995, this Filipino-British singer-songwriter first got the public’s attention when she was crowned first runner-up in 2015 It’s Showtime’s 3rd Ultimate Kolokalike, where she impersonated Katy Perry.


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Now that you have two new girls to add to your daily playlist, you’re ready for all those slow moments—and everything in between.



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