Reese Lansangan Shares Her Thoughts on the New Generation of Musicians

Reese Lansangan Shares Her Thoughts on the New Generation of Musicians

We caught up with the Levi's Music Project mentor, Reese Lansangan



Reese Lansangan has been a present name in the Philippine indie music scene for years now. As the internet’s favorite singer, songwriter and multimedia artist (all rolled into one convenient sushi, as she used to say), her music has brought her places. From landing a spot in NASA’s #LaunchAmerica Campaign to opening for Paramore in 2018, many of her fans and listeners enjoy the magic and allure that her music brings to the table. Animated and vivid lyrics, Reese's sweet voice mixed with grounded, earthy instrumentals all create a sound unique only to her.

Just take a look at Reese's performance for Levi’s Music Project. It spotlights her musical flexibility, switching from multiple personas and moods in each track. She brings us to other worlds when she sings, such as one that explores exhilarating and soaring curiosity in What Is This Feeling? But before booking gigs and releasing highly-anticipated albums, Reese had humble online beginnings—as her early material from her Soundcloud days, where she uploaded covers and original tracks with her signature collage art, brings us back to—so Reese isn’t unfamiliar with the rookie process of putting music out there, hoping that the world will listen. 



Now, together with Levi's, Reese Lansangan is helping young artists shoot their shots through the Levi's Music Project. With the Always-Live community on Discord, aspiring and established artists can learn from each other 24/7.


“It's so inspiring to see them thrive in this space.”


As the Community Challenge came into full swing, Reese witnessed budding Filipino artists rework What Is This Feeling? Different personalities came and hopped in the designated Discord channel to trade ideas and learn from each other. Here, she observed a big difference between when she started and now. “I noticed that even though I've been in the local music scene for several years now, there are so many talented artists that are just starting out or still waiting for their moment,” she expresses in an exclusive interview with Wonder. She adds, “Software, equipment, online communities and educational resources are easily accessible to everyone who's on the internet. So, I feel like the creativity and mastery of the younger musicians are on another level. I can see that they've used these resources to their advantage. It's so inspiring to see them thrive in this space.” 



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Reese, who puts a premium on hearing stories from other people, also experienced growth from her future mentees. “I'm always surprised by their fresh perspective as a result of the differences in upbringing, exposure and peer relationships,” she shares. “Their unlimited access to music across all genres and eras is insane. The fact that they live in a streaming era where everything has been archived is a huge asset in enriching their musical knowledge and developing their personal taste. I'm inspired to adopt their way of thinking and to be fearless in my explorations—in music, in art and in life,” she says.

Learning has always been a two-way street, an experience integral to any success story. But how does one even start without the groundwork? That’s why Levi’s and Reese Lansangan continue to come together to recognize undiscovered talent. They provide more opportunities to aspiring artists who want to tell their stories to the world. On the horizon are these singers' and musicians' chance to do so soon.



Connect and learn through Levi’s Music Project by joining their Discord channel. Follow Levi’s on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Catch the rest of Reese Lansangan’s performances and her Studio Sessions interview on Levi’s official YouTube channel.



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