Revisiting the Best Moments From BLACKPINK: The Show

Revisiting the Best Moments From BLACKPINK: The Show

Team rebroadcast, are we? 



It all started with BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, the Netflix documentary of the highest-charting Korean girl group of all time detailing their ascent to global domination. It is the black hole, which sucked me (and many others, even those in denial) into the deep abyss of the K-Pop quartet. It became clear to me then: I was, I am absolute trash for Rosé, Jisoo, Jennie and Lisa.


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After a year since BLACKPINK last played in front of a live audience, they streamed their first virtual livestream concert BLACKPINK: The Show last January 31 earning ?10billion in ticket sales, according to YG Entertainment. They amassed approximately 280,000 viewers with Filipino BLINKs coming in third as the nation which viewed the concert most, after the United States and Thailand. If you missed the last two days, you can still catch their rebroadcast on Valentine's Day! (I know I will, for the third time.)


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Surprisingly, the experience of a livestream concert brought by the pandemic feels intimate, not to mention we're all skipping the hassle of getting parking, waiting in line and getting first dibs on a good seat. A win-win if you ask me! It's the next best thing to being in a fully packed, non-socially distant arena with your stans, waving a light stick while tears, shrieks (and maybe even snot) escape you. I still have not recovered from The Show.


Whether you've christened yourself a BLINK for a week or have been around since their debut in 2016, The Show has something for everyone. If anyone needed convincing that these ladies are some of the best performers on a global scale (even maybe one day headlining the NFL Super Bowl Halftime performance, ngl), the livestream concert may just convert non-believers.


Their unrivaled synchronicity as a girl group presented itself but this time, we're zooming in on their solo performances highlighting their strengths as individuals.


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Starting with the eldest in the group, Jisoo reworked Tove Lo's 2014 hit Habits (Stay High) with some Korean verses. The unrequited love anthem is a surprising choice, if we're being honest, because this unnie seems like the most conservative member. Still, she showed off her singing prowess in the ballad performance transitioning from black-and-white, pared-down visuals to a vibrant display, with two classical dancers to boot.



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The dancer-rapper of the quartet highlighted her strong points with a TikTok favorite, Say So by Doja Cat, even getting the nickname “Liyoncé” from her fellow members. She excelled on the stage and the dance floor, with her thrilling self-written, self-choreographed dance break. We're highly anticipating her solo release this 2021!



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Miss Solo reimagined her 2018 single debut, an exhilarating 2.0 of sorts, on stage. (I'm not gonna lie, the whole set up aptly looked very Chinese New Year, not that I'm complaining.) She introduced a self-written, new rap verse and killed it, as always, reminding us that she's exceptionally good at performing both slow ballads and fast rap.



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“Pure, passionate, tangible, forever young, unselfish” were words splayed on-screen before Rosé, the soloist, debuted her much anticipated, heartfelt power ballad Gone painting the aftermath of heartbreak. She teased her emotionally-charged music video and performed half of the song live, oh so casually on a swing. We're at our wit's end waiting for the full MV release, please come sooner!


P.S. Can I just speak to whoever makes this queen cry in every single video? We need to talk, name a time and place!



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We still can't get over BLACKPINK's first livestream concert, clearly. While for many, Valentine's Day may be spent with their SO, I'll be in bed watching the rebroadcast happily. What were your favorite moments from The Show? Leave it in the comments below!



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