Sam Smith Is Here to Uplift with Love Me More

Sam Smith Is Here to Uplift with Love Me More

Buckle up, we’re trying to figure out self-love today



Sam Smith has always been a mainstay in our favorite hugot and dance playlists. With a deep and soulful voice, along with lyrics that hit the heart just right, they’ve managed to win and break the hearts of many. After the success of their albums In The Lonely Hour, The Thrill of It All and Love Goes, Sam Smith jumpstarts a new beginning with a single. The singer-songwriter candidly mulls over self-love and self-esteem with Love Me More.



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They open the track with the chorus, “Have you ever felt like being somebody else? / Feeling like the mirror isn't good for your health?” With the soft instrumental and raw lyrics, Sam Smith paints a picture we know all too well. With the help of uplifting gospel choirs in the background, they reassure their listeners that it gets better. Self-love is a long winding journey filled with hurdles and setbacks. It hurts. It drags you down and roughens you up. But after some time, acceptance and realizations, that’s when we grow to love ourselves more. After all, the only way out is through. 


Love Me More reunites Sam Smith with his favorite collaborators. On the production side, Jimmy Napes and Stargate return for this song, two producers they worked on for Too Good At Goodbyes. Sam Smith co-directs the music video with Luke Monahagan. It opens with videos from their childhood, an honest show of their journey to self-worth. Set in the heart of London, Sam Smith explores self-love, freedom and happiness. Either alone at home or through the palpable thrum of the community, self-love is a journey we all go through and explore together.



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The singer has always been open about their issues on body image, gender and identity. In the first episode of Jameela Jamil’s I Weigh series, they speak openly about their struggles. They share that Sam Smith already felt self-conscious about their body as early as they could remember. But as heard on Love Me More, the journey for the singer has somewhat become lighter. It feels like a full-circle moment as Sam Smith sings, “But lately, it's not hurtin' like it did before / Maybe I am learning how to love me more.”


Sam Smith couldn’t have dropped Love Me More at such an opportune time. As Wonder continues to celebrate Every Body, we all need a gentle reminder that the journey gets better. Thanks to Sam Smith, we've found a new mantra and anthem to play on repeat. 



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