Sandbox Fest 2023: “Lungs” and “Every Brilliant Thing” Asks, Are We Ever Too Young To Ponder About Life?

Sandbox Fest 2023: “Lungs” and “Every Brilliant Thing” Asks, Are We Ever Too Young To Ponder About Life?

Sandbox Fest 2023 brings Duncan Macmillan's plays “Lungs” and “Every Brilliant Thing” to local theater



Ever since the pandemic began, theater just hasn’t been the same. But this year, Sandbox Fest 2023 seeks to change that as they take us back to the theater to witness a twin-bill performance of some of Duncan Macmillan’s most popular plays—Lungs and Every Brilliant Thing! If you’re a fan of theater or simply out to experience what it means to be alive, then you're in for a ride. 



“Lungs” by Duncan Macmillan 

Should we really be having babies in this day and age?


Everyone has asked the question at least once in their life. No matter how young we are, society has impressed upon us that having babies is part of our role as human beings. But is that really the most responsible thing to do? Especially given the disastrous global climate we’ll potentially be birthing our offspring into, is it even worth it? If you’ve ever wondered about these things, Lungs is the external dialogue you need to hear. 


As we watch a young couple go through the most fragile stages of life—where every decision made is attached to high stakes that could alter the trajectory of one’s life forever—it’s almost as if we’re witnessing our lives unfold before our very eyes. And all of a sudden, we don’t feel so silly about anxiously thinking of the consequences of our actions every waking day and whether or not we want to ever have babies as young as we are now. “Life-affirming” in its own beautiful way, Lungs is all about the essence of life—the ups and downs, the decisions we make, and the lives we become a part of and drift away from.



“Every Brilliant Thing” by Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe

What ought we to live for?


Every Brilliant Thing takes intimacy to a whole new level. As the play uses interactive elements to cast the audience members as a part of the show, we come face-to-face with every theme and scene experienced on stage as if it were our own. So as our main character takes us on a journey to discover all the brilliant things we ought to live for, all we have left to do is allow ourselves to feel the emotions we’ve kept inside us for all these years. It’s a healing experience for everyone in the room, and you can tell from the silent sniffles you’ll hear every now and then. So as a word of warning: bring tissues.  



We urge you to experience this twin-bill performance for yourself. More than just supporting local theater, this is a chance for you to find pieces of yourself scattered in these beautifully written and performed plays. We promise you won’t regret it!



For tickets, visit or check out the pinned posts on the Sandbox Collective Instagram Page! Reach the Sandbox Hotline at +63 917 152 5560 for any inquiries.



Words Vanessa Tiong 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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