SB19’s Pablo Breaks Free in “La Luna”

SB19’s Pablo Breaks Free in “La Luna”

Sb19 Pablo, A singer-songwriter confronts his demons in this solo track



Solo debuts leave a lot to the imagination. This new ground offers a lot of possibilities for artists to try something new, and such is the case for SB19's Pablo, whose official solo debut took A'TIN by surprise. Following the release of the vulnerable acoustic track ???, SB19 Pablo gears up for another equally moving performance with La Luna. But for this song, Pablo accepts his imperfections as part of himself instead of limits he needs to overcome. In the process, he breaks free from societal expectations and invites his listeners to do the same.



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La Luna mixes hip-hop beats with wind and string instruments, making it sound like it fits in an action movie’s musical score. Pablo leaned into the creative decision to make it cinematic, to further emphasize the gravity of the emotion his song holds. The layered sounds and choral harmonies build up to a crescendo, further accentuating Pablo’s punchy bars rapped in English and Filipino. Acting as a soundtrack that conquers unrealistic standards, La Luna serves as Pablo’s grand and heroic anthem.

The music video to La Luna opens with Pablo sitting in an empty room, shackled, before being confronted by a more confident and unapologetic version of himself. He battles his inner voices and fears, and the need to tiptoe around. There’s a push and pull—show himself to the world versus the need to unapologetically be himself. Eventually, he breaks away, asserts his dominance and becomes the leader of his own path. Pablo declares his independence with visuals alluding to a lone wolf breaking away from his pack and becoming the alpha.



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For Pablo, creating his own music provides an outlet for his personal battles, one clearly illustrated through La Luna. In an era where celebrities are deemed perfect, Pablo nips these bounds in the bud. He shares in a press release, “We all have flaws, and we need to accept those imperfections because those are what make us who we are.” SB19 members have always been known for spreading positive messages through their music. And Pablo, being one of the primary songwriters of the group, carries the same mission with his solo debut.


La Luna solidifies sb19 pablo Pablo’s prowess, not only as a magnetizing performer but as a storyteller. Through profound messaging, he’s encouraging us to join him in the battle.



Support Pablo by streaming La Luna on Spotify.



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