The Sexiest Non-Sex Movie Scenes In Film History

The Sexiest Non-Sex Movie Scenes In Film History

Sometimes, those non-sex movie scenes just really get to you, huh?



Do you remember being a kid and watching something on the big (or small) screen and feeling a little tingle run down your spine? A subtle touch, a stolen kiss or maybe something more along the lines of a lingering look? We all had our innocent years. 


Let’s fast-forward a little: You’ve got some experience under your belt and you keep catching yourself get excited by the camera’s slow pan on some actor’s body, the flex of a muscle that’s a little more enlarged than you’re used to and the slight part of someone’s lips. Yeah, we know you’ve got some non-sex movie scenes running through your mind right now. 


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So we asked the people closest to us: What, for you, is the sexiest non-sex movie scene in film history? Some of the answers were expected and some were just downright weird—seriously, people, were you fucking with me when you clicked submit?


The expected


Girl Next Door; Elisah Cuthbert’s first appearance

“Elisha Cuthbert's appeal [is] something else.”—Hi, 27


Cruel Intentions

“Hearing a woman moan like that and in action was more than enough to get things going. Also the fact that someone was watching her go through it seemed so wild at the time.”—Sebastian Valmont, 28


Cruel Intentions 90S GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


True Lies; Jamie Lee Curtis’ strip tease

“Totally unexpected given that we were ready for an Arnold Schwarzenegger action film. Even more so intrigued by the fact that my mom tried to cover my eyes as it happened.”—Dirk Diggler, 28


Dirty Dancing

“It's incredible how sensual this scene is with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey—without having to reveal anything!”—EA, 27


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The ones that came out of no where


The Matrix

“Neo dodging the bullets…[it's about] how he abused his newly found powers to feel invincible.”—DC, 26


Matrix Flipping GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Toy Story 2

“When the toy collector was repairing and cleaning Woody…The precision, the detail, the cinematography—wew.”—Iced Coffee, 23


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And as much as it surprises me that someone would describe Neo’s back-bending move as the sexiest non-sex scene in movies, what surprises me more is that no one mentioned the following:


  1. The pottery scene in Ghost
  2. Jack drawing Rose in Titanic
  3. Celine singing to Jesse in Before Sunset
  4. The shaving scene in Skyfall
  5. Sharon Stone’s interview in Basic Instinct


So, did we get you feeling…feelings



Art Alexandra Lara

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