Show Me What You Got Review: A Story of Chemistry

Show Me What You Got Review: A Story of Chemistry

In this Show Me What You Got review, we discuss the undeniable power of chemistry



Despite all the modernization that society has experienced—from technology to the growing acceptance of “non-normal” lifestyles—there are still several taboo topics that are still looked at with questioning eyes. It’s still a rare sight to see same-sex couple supporting their kids at school functions; we still applaud women in power half because they deserve it for the success and half because a powerful woman is still outside the norm. And, in the case of Show Me What You Got, polyamory.



We have Marcello (Mattia Minasi), the spoiled playboy, frustrated actor Nassim (Neyssan Falahi) and struggling artist Christine (Cristina Rambaldi). The three meet, by chance or fate, at a beach and completely hit it off. The days that follow are ones of wonder, adventure friendship and, evidently, love. 


But while the three live, thrive and grow in the bubble they create for themselves, the real world comes knocking—harshly and impatiently—and they must face their individual responsibilities that unfortunately threaten to pull them apart.



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Let’s talk about the heart of the film, which is obviously the chemistry between Marcello, Nassim and Christine. After all, without it, there would be no believable story. Fortunately, their characters play off each other genuinely, and you believe each step in their budding relationship. You cannot emotionally question how they fall into each other during that fateful trip to Joshua Tree, and start their ménage à trois. 


Unless you have some pre-disposed and inherent argument against the lifestyle that Show Me What You Got highlights, you become smitten. You cheer for these three like you would for the protagonists of any other romcom. You want them to have their happy ending, to see those classic smiles that are full of hope and potential at the end of the film—smiles that say, “This isn’t the end.”


So in this regard, Show Me What You Got thrives. It shows us that these kinds of relationships are not something to gawk and awe at, at least not in the way we marvel at a rare animal that’s somehow survived human plundering. These stories are as real and genuine and carefree and chaotic as anyone else’s. To sum it up,  director Svetlana Cvetko says in an exclusive interview with us: “This is why I wanted to address this kind of story…It is something that is definitely present in our lives and people around us.”


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But whether intentional or not, there is something lacking in the tale of their romance. There were opportunities to discuss and educate about the narrated story that went unanswered as the film went on. Perhaps it was a conscious decision, made under the pretense of “this is normal” or “there is no need for a long discussion on these things”—but it would have been appreciated, from someone on the outside looking in. 



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