Spotify RADAR Is Your Next Portal to the Best Rising Artists

Spotify RADAR Is Your Next Portal to the Best Rising Artists

Meet the playlist spotlighting rising artists from the Philippines and around the world



If there are two features that keep Spotify one of the most used music streaming platforms, I’d like to point to its very accurate algorithm and social functions you can’t find anywhere else. Plus, the app has brought a lot of fun to the music streaming experience, from the annual chaos birthed by Spotify Wrapped to immortalizing tunes through Playlist In A Bottle. But more than these functions, Spotify also knows the importance of its influence, especially in spotlighting rising artists through their platform—this is where Spotify RADAR comes in.


The Spotify RADAR program, launched in 2020, has consistently bolstered artists by connecting them to different audiences regardless of borders, ethnicity and restrictions. Asian-grown talents have observed an increase in listeners, as users from over 180 countries tuned in to playlists that hail artists from different Asian countries like the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea and more. “The growth of emerging artists is a testament to the rising appetite for home-grown music,” shares Spotify Asia’s Head of Music, Kossy Ng. “From soloists to groups, Indo-Pop to Pinoy Hip-Hop, each of these artists across genres represents a diverse spectrum of music in their own countries! We are already seeing new fans from other parts of the world discovering them.”



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Zeroing in on 12 artists from our shores, RADAR Philippines perfectly encapsulates the diversity of sounds, styles and messages from our rising talent. Repping the hip-hop and R&B scene are rap group PLAYERTWO, rapper Illest Morena, songstress DENY and expressive Paul Pablo. Next, Paolo Sandejas, mrld and Kenaniah bring their saccharine sweet love songs to the playlist to bring some romance to the table. Lastly, a list of talented groups rep the vastly expanding P-pop scene: Alamat, KAIA, BINI, VXON and G22.


Like many artists in the playlist, female alphas G22 are part of the Spotify RADAR campaign for the first time—news that led them to jump up and down in joy. But more than the glee, they see this as an honor. “I think it’s an honor because P-pop is not the only genre in [RADAR Philippines], but Filipino music,” emphasizes group leader AJ. “So for people to find out about Filipino talent, I  think it's one of the things na makukuha namin or mag-gain namin (that we will gain) from Spotify RADAR.” Member Jaz agrees, “We also get closer to the communities in the P-pop scene, Philippine R&B and Philippine ballads—different genres. We get to be closer to our fellow talented Filipino artists.”



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Meanwhile, 18-year-old singer-songwriter mrld, joins RADAR Philippines again for 2023. When mulling over Spotify RADAR’s importance to her as a musician, she says there’s only one reason: “It's really to share [my music] as an artist and to reach a wider scope of people. I think it's such a great project to just connect with people globally.” Mrld herself would know the weight and influence such connections are, as her Indonesian listeners come second as those that stream her music the most.



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A little curiosity goes a long way. And as seen with Spotify RADAR, all you need is an open mind and let the playlist do its thing. Who knows—you might just hear the bops that will last you a lifetime.


So, who will you be listening to next?



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