We Gathered to Celebrate the Launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))

We Gathered to Celebrate the Launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))

Step into the world of Sundrop ((( 1 )))



Walking into a forest while in the heart of Metro Manila might not seem possible, but that's exactly what happened right around a week ago at ((( O )))'s first Sundrop Gathering.


Let me set the scene: the four walls of The Eye at Green Sun Hotel were brought to life with projections of a forest scene at night––trees and floors bathed in darkness, fireflies fluttering about––to mark the official launch of neo-soul artist ((( O )))'s Sundrop ((( 1 ))) launch.


We Gathered to Celebrate the Launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))


We Gathered to Celebrate the Launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))

The musician, whose name can't (and isn't meant to) be pronounced, is at the cusp of a new chapter in her 12-year long music project, The Sundrop Garden, wherein she has sworn to release a new single or moondrop every full moon, and a new sundrop or 12-track album every year. This surreal experience in Makati would mark the first of many Sundrop Gathering's around the world.


In the center of the hall was a platform for guest speakers who would enlighten guests on native trees and urban gardening. Opposite the platform: a display of wooden boxes where people would swap local plants later in the afternoon. Forming a square around the center of the place were twelve “rooms” fashioned out of flowing white fabric. On the makeshift walls of each room was a different video, and on the floor of each, a different display of leaves, potted plants or natural paints from flowers and spices.


Containing stories of energies encountered while off-grid or how she misses being off the radar, it only seems fitting that this is how ((( O ))) officially introduced her first sundrop to the world.


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We Gathered to Celebrate the Launch of Sundrop ((( 1 )))

Experientially, Sundrop ((( 1 )))'s gathering felt like an in-between of the mental spaces I constantly want to be in, but can't quite find my way to. The cusp of rest and responsibility. The line between calm and concern. It's difficult putting the exact sensation into words, but it felt like a nudge calling me back to reality while staring into space. It was a reminder that no matter how muddled our own thoughts are, there are reasons why we do what we do, and there's a whole world beyond our own constricted bubbles. There is life outside and  life to protect.


Chalk it up to a loose interpretation, but that's what I felt walking in and stepping out of the Sundrop ((( 1 ))) Listening Gallery. It was a call back to purpose. A moment to exhale and recalibrate and wonder about the world beyond my own. Twelve rooms, twelve motion images, twelve tracks to call back a part of me I didn't know had gotten lost.



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Discover more about ((( O )))'s The Sundrop Garden. Click through to order Sundrop ((( 1 ))) on vinyl, or listen to all twelve tracks on Spotify.




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