Absolutely Living For Sydney Sweeney’s Team-Up with Ford Motors

Absolutely Living For Sydney Sweeney’s Team-Up with Ford Motors

Sydney Sweeney’s new campaign fights for space in the garage



You know Sydney Sweeney. The girl who played Cassie in Euphoria and Olivia Mossbacher in the first season of The White Lotus. Yes—that Sydney Sweeney. Well, it’s no secret that her hobbies include fixing up a vintage car, all documented on her TikTok, @syds_garage. But, of course, we all know that the automotive industry is male-dominated; mansplainers are abundant in her comment section. But that didn’t stop Syd from successfully restoring her vintage Ford Bronco—and even taking it out for a spin with her four-legged best friend for life.


So for its campaign for International Women’s Month, Ford Motors teams up with the actress for this year’s Built Ford Proud. Dickies comes in as a partner for the limited-edition (and now almost sold out, by the way) collection of workwear. Instead of the usual dark-colored workwear, this collection maximizes classic khaki accentuated with pinks and blues. In addition, the collection offers feminine and fashionable options for regular garage-dwellers who want to get their hands dirty and look good while doing so. Whether it’s a Bib overall or the Dickies 874 work pants that include a waistband meant to be flipped, we’re all living for this collection.



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But more than the clothes, Sydney Sweeney’s also schooling everyone on TikTok on some car maintenance basics. After all, her skill isn’t just for show. Ford Motors’ website quotes her, “I come from a family of mechanics. It's in my blood.” Safe to say that she’s got a lot of know-how in this department. Don’t know how to check your oil? Syd’s got you. Need to know if your tires need to be filled again? It’s a walk in the park as far as Sydney’s concerned. Do cables and jumpstarting cars scare you? Well, she isn’t as easily intimidated:


@syds_garage Episode 3 | how to jump-start a car! #BuiltFordProud #ad ♬ original sound – SYD


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TBH, scrolling through Sydney Sweeney's comments shows us that there’s much more work to do. Some people don’t take it so easy when women take up space in these areas—look how easily they discredit her work just because she needed some help from more experienced mechanics. But on the bright side, all the naysayers hidden behind anonymous accounts also show us the work that she started. So this campaign is more than a girl living our her best dreams. It’s also an inspiring shout-out to all those who continue to fight for a seat at the table—or rather, some space in the garage.



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