Ink-spo and Ink Envy: Tattoos That Seriously Make Us Want to Get Inked

Ink-spo and Ink Envy: Tattoos That Seriously Make Us Want to Get Inked

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“Don’t be sad. Go get a tattoo,” proclaims the infamous TikTok sound. Something about that trend is almost tempting since it’s filled with videos of people documenting their (somewhat) painful serotonin boosts and fresh ink reveals. Add the endless scrolling through the black hole of tattoo artists’ Instagram pages into the mix, and you might end up like me—booking the earliest appointment. After all, getting a tattoo is a different journey. Sometimes it’s a spur-of-the-moment decision or a way to document something dear. But what might be shared is that everyone gets theirs done after some external egging on, whether directly or indirectly.


That’s why we’re playing enabler. Up ahead, we list down the personalities whose tattoos give us major ink-spo (and ink envy). Perhaps by the end of this story, you’re already going to your first (or next) session.


Nadine Lustre



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For minimalists who want to keep it a tad bit lowkey, take inspiration from Nadine Lustre’s crescent moon tattoo. In a previous interview with Tonight With Boy Abunda Online, the performer shared that Coldplay’s Everglow inspired her ink. Placed nicely by her wrist, the moon makes a neat but eye-catching statement due to the mystery and allure of this celestial body.


Sofia Andres 


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Peep Sofia Andres’ newest tattoo: a dainty collection of flowers done by Cebu-based artist Jello Talaboc. Tiny, adorable and classic, you can never go wrong with elements from nature. Not to mention, the small group of tattoos adds an instant splash of color to any look. 


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Joe Jonas



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This JoBro celebrated his romance with Sophie Turner by getting a tattoo of her right on his nape. Reminiscent of Pierre Fornasetti’s work, the keyhole’s view shows a woman whose features uncannily resemble the Game of Thrones star. People say that the tattoo also commemorated the arrival of their first daughter, Willa, back in July 2020. So mayhaps romance isn’t dead.


Miley Cyrus



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Miley Cyrus collected her fair share of some significant tattoos, but one eye-catching ink of hers is the elegant Henri Matisse figure of a nude woman. Cyrus posted a video of her tattoo with the lyrics of Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love, seemingly paying homage to both the artist and Canadian singer.





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For some fresh, out-of-the-box and zany AF ink inspo, Japanese tattoo artist Tappeis offers a lot of different designs. From angels jumping out of a box, spilled coffee cups to alien abductions, his Instagram page contains a lot of motivation to get something a little more unconventional.  The sky’s the limit to what you want to get inked, so who’s to stop you from going down the road less traveled?


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BTS’ Jungkook



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BTS’s youngest member completed an entire sleeve in the past two years. Jungkook’s right arm contains different images and stories, such as an homage to the Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa era and a Tiger lily—his birth flower—on his forearm. But a personal favorite is the skeleton hand doing the rock n’ roll sign. It’s cute with a bit of an edge, perfectly showing his actual duality.


Baek Yerin 



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People say that you’ll get the urge to add more tattoos after your first ink. Based on experience, that claim is highly valid. To make a case for a messy collector’s sleeve, where one intricately arranges small and independent pieces to create a detailed look on your skin, we point you to South Korean singer Baek Yerin. A large dragon occupies the upper half of one arm, while the opposite limb has different icons and flowers. Each of her tattoos might tell a different story, but they all exist harmoniously on her skin.


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Well, have you booked your session yet? Plus, getting it done is only half the journey. Don’t forget to research your aftercare!



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