7 Taurus Women We’re Channeling Now That It’s Taurus Season

7 Taurus Women We’re Channeling Now That It’s Taurus Season

Here's why you'll want to let some of that Taurus energy in this season



It’s another shift in the seasons––the astrological kind, that is. We entered Taurus season in the latter days of April, and now that it’s in full swing, we’re zeroing in: what does Taurus season mean anyway? Should I care if I’m not a Taurus? And arguably the most important question, who are the badass Taurus women whose energy we can channel for the rest of this astromantic window?


Taurus season is the space that falls between April 20th and May 20th. In the same way that Aries season (which kicked into full force the month prior) had us embracing some key traits of the spotlighted sign––think speaking our minds, prioritizing the self and maybe even getting a little aggressive along the way––we’re all bound to soak up a little of the Taurus’ signature qualities this time around.


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A quick Google search will tell you that Taurus is “slow and sensual.” This sort of sexy, pleasure-loving energy comes from the fact that this sign governed by Venus––but don’t let that fool you: Taurus season doesn’t mean it’s time to kick back and get passive. If anything, it’s the opposite: as an earth sign Taurus values stability and practicality. Instead of diving into work and relationships head-first, cut up your process into smaller, more bite-sized tasks. Build and plan and stay committed, then #TreatYoSelf with all the good things you enjoy thereafter.


Now that we’ve answered the what, when and the how, we get down to the who. Ahead, we give you a rundown of our roster of fave Taurus gals, and let you in on why we’re looking to call on their Taurian spirit for the rest of the season.




An unbothered artist who isn’t afraid of dressing flashy and calling herself a rich man? Who wouldn't want that attitude? Every bit an icon and a Taurian legend, Cher is a prime example of the energy we’re looking to learn from.


Aidy Bryant

7 Taurus Women We're Channeling Now That It's Taurus Season
Image via Aidy Bryant


It’s easy to write off Tauruses as hedonistic––because hey, the do love the good life. But these guys aren’t the type to rest on their laurels. In fact, they probably enjoy because they’ve clocked in the good work beforehand. Case in point: actress and comedian Aidy Bryant, who is finally starring in her own TV show Shrill after seven successful seasons on SNL.




Fangirling record aside, there are literally so many reasons anyone would want to emulate that air of youthful success IU has about her. Soft, impish features? Check. Unclockable musicality? Check. A loyal fanbase who propel her new songs to the top of every national chart and a recent 4-part Netflix series made in collaboration with South Korea’s top directors? Check, check, check.


Uma Thurman


There’s this tough-as-nails aura to Uma Thurman––and it isn’t only because of the bad bitch energy she exudes in her films. The Taurian trait we’re latching onto seeps far deeper than her body of work. Coming clean about the abuse and trauma that followed working with Harvey Weinstein and Quentin Tarantino, Uma is a fighter well deserving of our admiration beyond the silver screen. Taking control of her career post-Weinstein, she stars in Netflix's supernatural horror-thriller series Chambers.


Gal Gadot

7 Taurus Women We're Channeling Now That It's Taurus Season

Image via Warner Bros.


Chances are you already know all the reasons we’re about to enumerate, what with the Wonder Woman title permanently associated with Gal Gadot. Yes, she spent two years in the Israeli army. Yes, she’s an actress, model and mom of two. She’s also got Wonder Woman 1984 in the works––and yes, we’re on the edge of our seats waiting.




If it’s character development you’re after, look no further. Sunmi has traversed the line of being a girl group member and a soloist for over 10 years: first establishing herself as a crucial part of K-Pop’s second wave, then holding her own as a soloist, then reuniting with her fellow Wonder Girls for a total concept switch. Now back to being a solo flyer, Sunmi is arguably stronger than ever––making power moves one kooky music video at a time.


Queen Elizabeth II

These days, she’s dressed a little like a cupcake ornament at events with her matching hats and coats, and often used as a reference point for loving corgis––but we assure you there’s much more to love about Queen Elizabeth II. As a Princess, she worked as a truck driver and mechanic during the World War. She married her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, despite her family favoring other suitors. She appeared in a James Bond movie. And at the tender age of 91, she still drives. Enough said.



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Go forth and live your best Taurus-inspired life!



Art Alexandra Lara


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