The Best Hot Ones Interviews on YouTube

The Best Hot Ones Interviews on YouTube

Welcome to the web show with devilishly hot wings 



On a curious corner of the internet lies First We Feast's beloved web show Hot Ones hosted by the brilliant Sean Evans. He's joined by celebrities—athletes, actors, intellectuals and more—in an intimate dialogue where they rapidly descend to the very pits of hell. Guests have to answer questions and eat chicken wings at the same time made with exceptionally crafted hot sauces (that you can actually snag online) measured by the Scoville scale—the higher the rating, the hotter the sauce.


How could something so simple be so darn interesting? First of all, Sean Evans rivals the likes of The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert. He proves his talent in a viral face-off with the esteemed host with a plate of hot vegan nuggets and musings on hell. He makes his job look so easy, even when he's obviously feeling discomfort. Huge props to the show's researchers who come up with the most riveting questions!


Hot Ones allows us to see celebrities at their most vulnerable state—writhing in pain, sweating profusely and crying with the occasional snot—no other spectacle could give us. You'll also never hear this much expletives in such a short period of time, where seemingly well-mannered individuals curse said host to eternal damnation. They are very much human, just like the rest of us.


If you're overwhelmed with the vast selection of Hot Ones interviews on YouTube, here's where to start:


Neil deGrasse Tyson

Let astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson guide you through your existential crisis while he answers far-reaching questions about the universe. He talks about his selfie sandwich with the honorable former President Barack Obama and Bill Nye the Science Guy and answers one of life's biggest questions: Which one's the superior burger: Shake Shack or In-n-Out?



John Mayer

FYI, singer-songwriter John Mayer can still make anybody swoon even with snot coming out of his nose. The Grammy-winning artist casually fanboys over Justin Bieber's musicality, names the best “guitar faces” in the industry and expounds on his many attempts at standup comedy while devouring hot wings. Bonus: He actually serenades the audience with a ukelele.



Jeff Goldblum

The internet's official “zaddy” (and in my head, what Jesus actually sounds like) breaks down some jazz slang and Jurassic Park lore. He also shares his thoughts on the 25-foot bare-chested statue of his in London. Trust me, it's the best half an hour you'll ever spend on YouTube.



Ken Jeong

There's nothing like licensed physician-turned-comedian Ken Jeong correcting public misinformation on health while writhing in pain. He spills secrets about Community and shares his favorite part about being stuck in a trailer with Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino—and the worst.



Gordon Ramsay

This list isn't complete without the most requested and most viewed guest on First We Feast's Hot Ones. Gordon Ramsay reacts to his harshest critics over the years and does some brutal evaluation of his own on anything and everything related to food. He also gives us a quick lesson on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.


PS. If you can note how many times he says the word f—ck throughout the video, you get a prize.



Terry Crews

One can't possibly forget the image of a teary-eyed Terry Crews pleading for reprieve. The comedian and former professional football player walks us through his professional life—from being part of Ice Cube's security to being Terry Jeffords on Brookly Nine-Nine. We also get a look at his family life and realize how he's such an all-around A+ guy.




What did we miss? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!


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