The Best Moments Of BYE2020 We Wish We Could Relive

The Best Moments Of BYE2020 We Wish We Could Relive

Still reliving these moments from BYE2020



We’re a couple of days into 2021 already, but we’d be lying if we said the instances of 2020 are long behind us. Like most people, we’re itching to move forward from all the setbacks—but we’re not neglecting the fact that there was some good to revisit as well.


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On the evening of December 31, 2020, we opened our gadgets and celebrated the last hours of the year with BYE2020, all its surprises and the music lineup it put together. Unlike any online concert that came before it, this was a celebration without prior limitations. There were multiple music labels and multiple genres represented. There was an overflow of talent, from individual acts to group performances. And we’re not going to forget them anytime soon. 


Here are the moments from BYE2020 that we wish we could relive again:



What end-of-the-year concert would be complete without a performance from the Philippines most streamed artist for 2020 (at least, according to Spotify)?



The joy of watching Ben&Ben, other than the obvious sound of their music, is watching the 9-piece band perform together. You can tell, no matter what lyric is currently coming through the speakers and screen, that they just enjoy the time they have on stage. It’s endearing, the way they all jive and move as one. 


Leanne and Naara

From a nine-piece group, we now go to one of our favorite duos: Leanne and Naara.



While the two have been in the music scene for quite some time, they first got my attention at an event sometime in 2018. They never do too much on stage, they swing and play their instruments and sing, of course, but they never have any big moves—and that’s part of why I love watching them. 


Their performance at BYE2020 took me back to that night in 2018. Back to when things were simpler and you could sway along to music you might not even know yet, in the safe comfort of strangers as they listen in awe right beside you.


Moira Dela Torre

Who has Filipino blood and doesn’t love a little music slow down?



Moira Dela Torre’s live performance of Paubaya was…a little heart-wrenching, to be honest. If you’ve heard the song before, you know what I’m talking about. But her rendition of the same on the BYE2020 stage, with the projected lighting, the buildup and the expression on her face, made it all the more worthwhile to watch. 


Maximillian feat. Moira Dela Torre

Excuse us for mentioning her again, but another part of the online concert we cannot keep out of our heads is when Maximillian worked with Moira to give us a new version of Beautiful Scars.



The Danish musician even publicly thanked Moira for her participation in an Instagram post where he called her a star. Same thoughts, tbh. Beautiful Scars, in its original arrangement, is already something we’ve saved on our Spotify playlists—but this new take was still a welcome addition to our playlists. 





Definitely not strangers to the stage, Justin, Sejun, Stell, Josh and Ken performed Go Up for BYE2020. That slow build up, as the camera slowly zeroed in on each member of SB19 before zooming out so we could see the full performance, is something we wish we could see for the first time again. Fortunately, we can still go back to it. 


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There were, of course, six hours of music we enjoyed in BYE2020. There were so many performances and so many instances when we felt like things were the old normal again. And while we can’t name them all, a little respect to Lala Vinzon, Fern., The Itchyworms, Paolo Sandejas, Keiko Necesario and Autotelic—please upload your performances on YouTube so we can go back to them (lol). 


All that said, we’re ready to say: Hello, 2021. 



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver


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