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The First Purge: What Would You Do on the Night of The Purge?

What Would You Do on the Night of The Purge?

Would you brave the streets or triple-lock your doors?



It’s taken us five years and four movies to make it to the beginning. Aptly released on the 4th of July, The First Purge, the most recent addition to the dystopian-horror franchise takes a step back, giving us an all-too-vivid peek at how the annual tradition of chaos and bloodshed began.


To those unfamiliar with the movie series, The Purge takes place in a near-future United States wherein a powerful political party called The New Founding Fathers of America implements a yearly occasion: a 12-hour window during which virtually no laws exist. In the interest of keeping the crime rate at a minimum for the rest of the year, citizens are allowed to unleash all their aggressions and act with no penalties whatsoever.


A problematic premise? Quite. But wait, there’s more.



Throughout the franchise, even bigger underlying issues reveal themselves. Now we don’t want to give away too much for those who’ve yet to catch up, but we’ll tell you this much: the government is never as clean as they make themselves look. Like its predecessors, 2018’s The First Purge is flush with social commentary and blows at real-life political situations. Consider it another step towards the quick-forming trend of conscious, “elevated horror.”


Before we get carried away, let’s get down to the reason you clicked through: the quiz. What would you be doing in a time and place where felons run free and crimes go unpunished? The quiz below might just give you the answer.


Pick a travel destination.

Which animated character do you identify with the most?

What is your biggest fear?

Which Beyoncé song is your jam?

Choose a condiment.

Quick! Pick a filter.



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