The Future Is Female and She Is Here

The Future Is Female and She Is Here

The future is female: where skill, grit and perseverance prevail over our sex



The future is female and she. Is. Here. 


For years on end, men have always had a say on what women should do, wear and be—you get it. It’s like our lives have been mapped out since the moment we were conceived. Women are always seen as either too much or too little—but never really enough. We’ve been told we can’t hold office or take on major roles because we are “too emotional.” Or worse, our achievements are often downplayed by backhanded compliments that end with “…for a girl.”


But in a world where the standards were created by men to keep us in a neat little box, there are those that continuously break barriers. Here are some badass females breaking the glass ceiling and paving the way for a better future.


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Alex Eala

Tennis prodigy


Who says you need to be a certain age to make a smashing pro debut? Alex didn’t come to play; she came to win. This prodigy was able to bag her first pro title at the ITF W15 Manacor Tournament last January 25 with immense grit and power. Not to mention, she was the youngest competitor in the tournament at 15 years old. She’s part of the new generation of athletic champions here to put us on the radar and to show off Filipina Women excellence.


Nadine Lustre

Singer, songwriter, performer


Women can take on multiple jobs and excel at them, thank you very much. Just take notes from Nadine Lustre, who dominated mainstream TV and film industries (with a FAMAS Award to prove it). She also ventured into launching her own makeup and fragrance lines before debuting a self-written album, Wildest Dreams. As a multi-hyphenate, Nadine is helping set the stage for women who aren’t defined by a single title.


Hon. Sarah Elago

House Representative, Kabataan Partylist


Looking for proof that there is someone who listens and will do anything in their power to help out? Hon. Sarah Elago of Kabataan Partylist is the perfect example. Sarah has been authoring house bills catering to all citizens, to make sure that there are solutions to demands oft overlooked. But she doesn't stop there; she also campaigns for her advocacies online, mobilizing her following to take action. Sarah, as their representative, is building a future where compassion and actions reign, whether they’re community efforts or the authorship of bills and laws long overdue.


Rina Sawayama

British-Japanese popstar


Rina Sawayama breaks barriers with her music and utilizing her voice to challenge age-old rules in the UK. Last year her debut album, SAWAYAMA, was snubbed by major British awards on the basis that she didn’t hold a British citizenship, despite being a resident for 26 years. But she kept the conversation alive by rallying #SAWAYAMAISBRITISH, to which the British Phonographic Industry (BPI) listened to and changed the rules of the eligibility for their major awards. She definitely is no Ordinary Superstar, especially for ushering a major change for upcoming and aspiring singers with different citizenships.



Global K-Pop stars, fashion icons and COP26 Advocates


The girls of BLACKPINK are a force to be reckoned with, especially after bagging a lot of firsts: the first K-pop act to perform at Coachella and first Korean group to have a Netflix documentary. Even with their groundbreaking solo projects in fashion, TV and music, the quartet are also using their strong following to inspire the youth. As official advocates of the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26), they called on their fans (BLINKs), to be part of the action against climate change. Beyond being powerful performers and beloved style icons, BLACKPINK is rallying for a better future.


Ashley Graham 



This has always been the norm: hourglass figure, flawless skin, no stretch mark in sight. But Ashley Graham swam against the current and helped bring different body types into the mainstream. Her appearance in fashion ads reinforced that all bodies are beautiful, no one is too big to model lingerie or to wear bodycon dresses. She makes women feel seen and tells us that cellulite, stretch marks and postpartum hair loss don't make us less beautiful. Ashley has opened doors for women of all shapes and sizes. With her, we're entering a future where the definition of beauty is more than our waistlines.



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This is what we mean when we say: the future is female and she is here. 


The future she is building is one where women can be anything they want to be without impossible or prescribed expectations weighing them down. The future she is in is one where women of all ages, backgrounds, races, sizes and so on are accepted, embraced and reminded that they are enough.



Art Alexandra Lara


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