ALAMAT and The Juans’ “GUPIT” Is An Ode To New Beginnings

ALAMAT and The Juans’ “GUPIT” Is An Ode To New Beginnings

ALAMAT and The Juans are back with a new track in “GUPIT”



The Juans have made their return with a new song, joining forces with P-Pop group ALAMAT. It’s a highly-anticipated collaboration that has finally come to fruition. According to the band, the title Gupit is inspired by the Filipino practice that individuals often cut their short after a severe breakup.



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Prepare to be captivated by a new musical experience as we delve into a fusion of band music and hip-hop. The Juans, in collaboration with ALAMAT, have crafted a track that seamlessly blends guitars, drums, relatable lyrics and distinctive rap lines. This unique combination creates a song that invites us to sing and jump our hearts out.


Gupit not only marks a new chapter in The Juans' musical journey, but also showcases their ability to explore fresh perspectives, new concepts, styles, techniques and ideas through collaborations.


Written by The Juans' Chael Adriano, Gupit is a powerful anthem of emotional courage, a message that strikes a chord with many. It's not just about a new beginning, explains Chael, but often a way to conceal the emotions and heartache. It's a symbol of cutting ties and attempting to move forward, a sentiment that resonates with those struggling to let go of the past while trying to redefine themselves.



With their song Gupit, The Juans and ALAMAT beautifully express the universal experience of pain and the journey towards new beginnings. The act of cutting our hair signifies ownership and autonomy over our physical selves; when we give every other aspect of our physical selves to someone else, there is beauty in claiming it again. “Para maputol na ang galit at pait, na aking nadarama sana’y mabura, mga alaala nating dalawa” means letting go of the ties that represent a time we'd prefer to put behind us.


We tend to overlook the significant influence hair can have on how we look and feel about ourselves. It can be a message to those around you, a shield to hide behind or a canvas to express yourself. More than just a haircut, it can be an opportunity to take back control, find your purpose and move on.


“Kung para ‘to sa sarili ko, bakit may kailangan pang magbago?” Cutting our hair does not necessarily mean the birth of a new identity. Gupit reminds us to stay true to ourselves even when we let go of a part of our lives. It reassures us that, despite the grief and pain we go through, we will never lose sight of who we are; we simply move forward.


In the end, your hair will grow back, and with time, your heart will heal.


Stream “Gupit” now.



Words Sofia Joco

Art Dani Sison

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