Hot New Follow: 8 TikTok Creators Who Champion Facts

Hot New Follow: 8 TikTok Creators Who Champion Facts

These users offer amazing starting points for further reading and research



The internet is a fantastic place, let’s be honest. The possibilities are endless—from shopping for your essentials online to meeting friends or “the one,” you can do so much. A quick Google search can yield you many results that will help in case you find yourself in a predicament. Even social media platforms often have answers to your questions, TikTok included. 


TikTok’s appeal is for those whose attention spans are pretty short (like mine), and for for others, information on TikTok is just more easily digestible. There are no long paragraphs to intimidate you, and the chances of seeing big jargon and hifalutin words are small. Some users break concepts down easily so anyone watching can follow. It sounds like a good thing, right?


But now, that vast pool of knowledge can be a double-edged sword. In an era where “alternate facts” are a thing, many of us can easily misinform people or believe in misinformation ourselves. Nonetheless, professionals are going against the current of fake news or misinterpreted facts. They take it upon themselves to clarify the myths and claims we see all over. So, scroll along for a couple of TikTok creators who champion facts, teach lessons and battle misinformation one clip at a time.


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Arshie Larga (@arshielife)


@arshielifeReply to @maeyu7 moderna COVID-19 Vaccine💉 Eto ang mga dapat mong malaman. ##learnontiktok ##healthtokph ##tiktokskwela♬ original sound – Arshie Larga

Arshie Larga is a registered community pharmacist who uses his space on TikTok to clarify misconceptions about over-the-counter medications that are easily available. His content, spoken in easy-to-follow Filipino, makes his explanations and the corresponding information easier to understand, especially for those with no med school background. Plus, his humorous and tongue-in-cheek skits about life as either a pharmacist or a patient can make you laugh.


Dr. Kilimanguru (@dockilimanguru)


@dockilimanguruAnemia daw pag naligo sa hapon? Ha?♬ original sound  – Dr. Kilimanguru

Before passing the Physician Licensure Exam, Winston Tiwaquen, often known as “Doc Kilimanguru,” gained popularity due to his TikToks that explain medical concepts with a comedic touch. He debunks misconceptions about the COVID-19 vaccines and lays out the reasons behind common illnesses to help everyone understand their bodies better. While his content cannot replace specific medical advice (to which you really should be turning to a healthcare professional for), his videos provide little context that can go a long way.


Dr. Inna Kanevsky, Ph.D (dr_inna)


@dr_innaReply to @the_autistic_mystic  I am not sure how “experts are bad” and “tons of research” go together, but research on this is in bio. ##psychologymyths♬ original sound – Inna Kanevsky, Ph.D. (she/her)

Amid the ocean of random “psychology facts” that we see online is psychologist Dr. Inna Kanevsky, who takes time to debunk them through her expertise. Many TikToks and other infographics mention “tons of research” as their sources without linking them back. Meanwhile, Dr. Kanevsky compiles all her journal articles in a link in bio so anyone is free to check the information themselves. From emphasizing the importance of cross-cultural body language to debunking the supposed psychology behind behaviors and birth orders, her TikTok space proves to be a place you can scroll through to stay informed about the way we behave and think.


Dr. Anthony Youn, MD (@tonyyounmd)


@tonyyounmd##duet with @harperkaminski Gua sha: FACT or CAP? ##guasha ##factorcap ##holistic ##mewing♬ originalljud – S U P E R M O D E L S

This board-certified plastic surgeon made rounds on TikTok for many reasons, mainly explaining what went wrong with specific aesthetic procedures. In his Fact or Cap series, he aims to clarify myths about beauty trends and what not, such as the popular gua sha tool and the reality of breast implants. But what’s also great is that he uses his space in the internet to destigmatize cosmetic procedures, especially around women and thereby creating a safe space looking to enhance their features.


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Rambo Talabong (@rambotalabong)


@rambotalabongIf we're based in the Philippines, how do we have stories from around the globe? ##phnews ##newsph ##learnontiktok ##buhayreporter ##journtok ##rappler♬ original sound  – Rambo Talabong

Seasoned journalist Rambo Talabong takes to TikTok to explain the nuances of news coverage and the importance of media in shaping narratives. His content breaks down current affairs, journalism secrets we are yet to know and provides a peek into what it's like to be in the shoes of a news reporter.


Jacque Manabat (@jacquemanabat)


@jacquemanabatPiliing maigi ang iboboto sa nag-iisang pinakamataas na pwesto sa bansa. ##Halalan2022 ##fyp♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) – Doja Cat

Jacque Manabat is another journalist who brings her expertise to the realm of TikTok. She incorporates trends as she debunks historical myths and disinformation, breaks down newly passed regulations and gives the public a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of news reports. Jacque also puts up duet challenges for aspiring field reporters to train their minds and learn what questions to ask. 


Lyqa Maravilla (@teamlyqa)


@teamlyqaFLATTER o FLUTTER? ##learnwithlyqa ##tiktokskwela ##studyhacks ##learnontiktok ##languagelearning @lyqamaravilla♬ original sound  – Team Lyqa

Admittedly, we all need to brush up on our language skills now and then. Teachers on TikTok, such as Lyqa Maravilla, offer bite-sized grammar and math lessons with her #LeanWithLyqa series. An “EduCreator,” as she calls herself, Lyqa’s content focuses on educating her audiences about the topics they ask and what they need.


Ayn Bernos (@aynperotagalog)


@aynperotagalogAnswer to @kenchyyy how to answer long time no see? Conversation & small talk tips! ##teacherayn ##tiktokskwela ##languagelesson ##learnontiktok♬ original sound  – AynPeroTagalog IG:aynbernos

Content creator, beauty queen and businesswoman Ayn Bernos is also a teacher on TikTok. On her account named Ayn Pero Tagalog, she provides quick tips on grammar, public speaking and writing. While people might think her content is for those looking to refresh their grammar lessons, Ayn also gives tips and tricks in writing and conversations.



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Make no mistake. TikToks can’t replace anecdotes, documents, credible news articles and other important writings as sources of information. But if you follow the right people, their content could be good starting points that urge anyone to do more research and stay informed. So it’s crucial to determine the credibility of the people we follow and their sources to keep the flow of information accurate and correct.



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