To Watch Or Not To Watch: Midnight In A Perfect World


January 29, 2021
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Midnight In A Perfect World stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Glaiza de Castro, Dino Pastrano, Anthony Falcon and Bing Pimentel



In QCinema 2020, one movie stood out: Midnight In A Perfect World. A handful of us may have already seen the film, which stars Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Glaiza de Castro, Dino Pastrano, Anthony Falcon and Bing Pimentel. But for those of us that didn’t have a chance to catch it in theaters, the film is set to stream exclusively worldwide on UPSTREAM via GMovies on January 29, 2021.


According to its official synopsis, Midnight In A Perfect World is set in near-future Manila. It’s a time and place of people disappearing when they’re caught in mysterious blackouts that happen in random areas after midnight. Well, four friends think the mystery is nothing but a myth—until they find themselves right in the middle of it.


It’s written and directed by Dodo Dayao (Violator).



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It sounds like a horror film, and there’s no doubt that it is. There’s a lot of darkness, a lot of running around—with members of the cast even admitting that filming sometimes got more physical than emotional—and the entire story does make a good play on the unknown. And it’s this unknown that most people have become fascinated with.


When we consume content, it’s only natural that we relate it to real life in any and all ways we can. We hinge on what’s happening to us to that fit the story; we remember the stories that have been passed down to us. And the unknown that envelopes Midnight In A Perfect World has been easily connected to the more political and less fiction aspects of life.



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But so what if a movie is politically inclined? Does that make the watch more worthwhile? Does it then become something that everyone has to watch? The answer is yes, but let me argue another point in case this doesn’t convince you.


What will really hook viewers is the way that the cast describes the film. Anthony called it horrific, Dino agreed and added “painful.” Ms. Bing Pimentel said the film is compelling albeit strange, Glaiza called it a riot. And Jas called it endless—without missing to say “hallway,” because apparently there is one particular scene she wants us all to watch out for.


And all these things, words, concepts and feelings put together—potentially—make one hell of a story. Maybe you’re not a fan of horror or politics or Jasmine, Glaiza, Anthony or Dino, but maybe you are a fan of storytelling and potential and mystery.


Midnight In A Perfect World seems to have all of this to offer. And then some. So, clearly, I have my Saturday evening booked.



Midnight In A Perfect World is streaming exclusively worldwide on UPSTREAM via GMovies.



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