Team Trese On Three: An Appreciation Post For Crispin and Basilio The Demigods

Team Trese On Three: An Appreciation Post For Crispin and Basilio The Demigods

Go, Team Trese!



It’s been a good couple of days since Trese dropped. We’ve been introduced to different characters, their powers, motivations and if they’re a worthy match against Alexandra Trese and her allies. But in the midst of solving supernatural crime, fulfilling prophecies and sending evil spirits to their freedom or doom, there's a pair of characters everyone just loved the entire season.


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Yep, you guessed it. It’s Crispin and Basilio, the demigod twins.


If you haven’t read the graphic novels and based your expectations on the trailers and previews alone, Alexandra’s two ominous bodyguards don’t leave much to the imagination. At first glance, they’re huge, gun-wielding masked men in suits. Which, you know, is a tried-and-tested character formula. But when Trese premiered, these two managed to steal the spotlight from their serious bossing. Even fans of the graphic novel themselves enjoy the presence of the kambal.


Below, we list down the reasons why they have Trese fans charmed and why they deserve an appreciation post of their own. Wink.


They’re funny and endearing


This is one obvious reason why Crispin and Basilio have the internet wrapped around their fingers. Next to their demigodly features (yes, all-black eyes included), their personalities completely contrast their appearances. So while they’re scary henchmen who can materialize weapons with their magic, they’re laid-back and easy-going. In Trese After Dark, author Budjette Tan described the kambal as so: “They’re just fun. They have two purposes in life, which is to party and to shoot.”


It’s evident in how Crispin and Basilio mix work and play, whether it’s finding witnesses with their good looks or aiding Alexandra to join in on the fun. They balance out their bossing who’s serious 24/7, with enough loaded banter and jabs to last an exhausting fight scene. Just take a look at their sibling back-and-forth of pointing fingers and making fun of each other’s messy rooms and motion sickness? They’re reminiscent of our goofball friends from college, tbh.


They’re Gen Z-slash-Zillennial Icons


Even if Alexandra seems more like a dreary and troubled millennial with an older soul, her younger demigod brothers are Zillennials at best. You see it in the little things. They talk like us, worry about irreparable cars and even enjoy a good party, like us. Heck, they’d rather teleport than endure a hot commute (admit it, we’ve all thought of doing so pre-pandemic). Even Basilio breaks a window crank because he doesn’t know how to roll it down. Meanwhile, Crispin chooses to play with the tape reels and pull them out of the cassette tape. You’d think demigods would be more creative with what piques their curiosity, but it seems like appliances from the past are a mystery to them too.


They’re unapologetically loyal


On a more serious note, Crispin and Basilio hit the best spot for those who love stories about found family. Minor, minor spoiler: the twins were orphaned and were sheltered by the Trese family, so they pretty much grew up around more humans than superpowered beings. The series, so far, show that they’re attached to that side of theirs even if the opportunities to go berserk are endless. They don’t take advantage of their powers and rarely overstep Alexandra. Even if they did, they will always have their big sister's best interest at heart. Blood relative who? Crispin and Basilio don’t claim him, only their bossing.



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There are a lot of reasons why people just love the twins and can’t wait to see more of them soon. While we’re waiting for news if a second season is coming our way, get more of Alexandra and the kambal when you purchase copies of the OG Trese comics at Fully Booked.


Trese is available for streaming on Netflix



Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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