This Is What’s Happening At Trifecta Film Fest 2020

This Is What’s Happening At Trifecta Film Fest 2020

Three films for Trifecta Film Fest 2020



When it comes to the local entertainment industry, quality nor quantity never really seem to be the issue; it’s exposure. We have the material within the library of Philippine films; no one just seems to be checking them out—and maybe the reason for that is that no one ever really knows where to look. Accessibility to films are key.


The Trifecta Film Fest has, for over five years, helped promote and support the Philippine film industry by exposing the local community to stories that are both moving and compelling. Headed by DLSU's Green Media Group, this year’s chapter has Edward, LSS and Gusto Kita with all my Hypothalamus lined up.


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Edward (2018)

Showing at Trifecta Film Fest 2020 on February 20



Edward tells the story of a young man stuck within the walls of the public hospital that’s keeping his father alive. To keep himself entertained, he treats the hospital like his playground and ends up making friends with one of the patients in one of the wards. But while the decrepit walls sometimes seem like they are keeping him in, the truth is that they hold his liberation.


LSS (2019)

Showing at Trifecta Film Fest 2020 on February 22



In LSS, we are introduced to Sarah and Zak, two 20-somethings just trying to get on with their lives. Sarah’s chosen the “responsible” route and put her music career on hold to get her little brother through school. Meanwhile, Zak holds feelings for his best friend while trying to build a relationship with his estranged father. When the two meet by chance and find themselves tethered to the other, then what?


Gusto Kita with all my Hypothalamus (2018)

Showing at Trifecta Film Fest 2020 on February 22



In Avenida, Manila, four men—ukay-ukay salesman Caloy, widow and shopkeeper Lando, college student Alex and ex-convict Obeng—are linked together by their common admiration for one woman. Apparently, despite their opposing personalities and varied stages in life, each man finds everything they’re looking for in Aileen.


FYI, the hypothalamus is a small part of the brain.



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Maybe you’ve heard of the films before, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you missed your opportunity to see them—but here’s that opportunity again. See you at the Trifecta Film Fest 2020.


Tickets to #TFF2020 are priced at P200 per screening and can be purchased via DLSU’s Green Media Group’s Facebook page.



Art Alexandra Lara


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