Tuesday Vargas On Championing Modern Motherhood

Tuesday Vargas On Championing Modern Motherhood

Tuesday Vargas: actress, comedian, modern mother



People are criticized for anything these days: how they dress, how they do their hair, how they speak, how they raise their kids—none of which should be anyone else’s business than the one dressing, styling, speaking and raising a family. But while there are definite gray areas in this conversation, we’re all for parents loving and teaching their children the best way they know how.  


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Our spotlight now is on Tuesday Vargas, a comedian whose loud antics on the big and small screen have made her a staple in Philippine entertainment. Her talent is no joke—she was recently awarded Best Supporting Actress at Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019 for her role in LSS—but we’re not talking about what the public sees; we’re here to talk about her as a modern mother.



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Tuesday was a fresh grad when she first became a mother. At that point, she was already working nights for her band while also doing gigs as a comedy bar host. “I raised Kaya practically on my own and with that came a lot of creative ways to manage my time,” she tells us. “I am more of a big sister [rather] than a parental unit.” 


At this point, others might start throwing stones. We’re already hearing it: You need to be a mother to your child! You need to set boundaries! They need to learn how to respect you!—truth be told, we’re guilty of having thought these at times too. But the fact is that Tuesday was still technically a child herself when she became a mother. She admits that she still had plenty of growing up to do while she was raising her son. 


For the now 36-year-old actress and musician, being a mother was a day-to-day exercise. Looking back, she describes her parenting style as “relaxed” and “never over-protective or overbearing” yet still “very hands on.” It’s a combination that worked for their relationship and who are we to throw any shade? They seem to be doing quite well for themselves, after all.


Tuesday Vargas On Championing Modern Motherhood

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But who is a modern mother to this modern woman? According to Tuesday, her LSS character is who we should set our eyes on. 


“Ruby is the kind of mom that all single moms must aspire to be,” she argues. “Often, we try to be the perfect parent that we fail to see the beauty in our vulnerability.” Tuesday, at this point, is talking about a moment in the Jade Castro-directed film when Ruby finally lets herself break down and be honest as she’s made to confront the pains of her past. It happens in front of her on-screen son, Khalil Ramos’ Zak, and their relationship morphs a new phase as it happens. 


But perhaps as equally important, as Tuesday points out, is that Ruby pushes Zak in ways that more traditional mothers would never dream of. “The kind of motherly love Ruby showed in the movie is not the cheesy sort,” she explains. “[Ruby] kids all the time and urges her son to take risks.” Indeed, we saw the mother-son duo endearingly throw curses at each other, push each other to date and open their worlds to new opportunities.



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At the end of the interview, Tuesday Vargas gives the writers of LSS her thanks for giving her such a “sweet, spicy and sour (maasim pa!)” character to play. Well, when art mirrors, life, huh?



Catch more of Tuesday Vargas’ antics on LSS, this year’s PPP winner for Best Supporting Actress, Best Sound Design, Best Theme Song, Special Jury Prize and Audience Choice Award, still showing in cinemas nationwide. 



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