Post-Break Up Glow Up? Our Favorite Fashion Moments from TXT’s Good Boy Gone Bad Era

Post-Break Up Glow Up? Our Favorite Fashion Moments from TXT’s Good Boy Gone Bad Era

Our favorite looks from TXT’s latest comeback



Perhaps heartbreak is an imperative rite before transitioning to adulthood. TOMORROW X TOGETHER takes us through the motions of a first breakup with their latest EP, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child. In this breakup album, the boys wrestle with various emotions as they go through the stages of romantic grief.


We think that the TOMORROW X TOGETHER boys are capable of rocking any concept, and this era supports that claim. Here are some of our favorite fashion moments from their latest comeback:


Yeonjun’s Frosted Tips

Yeonjun puts his suave take on this late 90s trend with grown-out dirty blonde hair, sans the spikes (and we thank him for it). Though we may have our reservations on the once-fashionable ‘do characterized by Justin Timberlake and Guy Fieri, our favorite it-boy made us change our minds. And the way he looks with his hair slicked back… 🤤 We’re down, bad. If you can’t tell already.



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Priest-Collared Shirts

In their music video, the boys literally (and figuratively) dance on their graves. Donning suits with priest-collared shirts, they morph into new personas after breaking up with their significant others.



Byojaku-inspired Makeup

To embody the sorrow of an ended relationship, the boys express their emotions in their END concept photos, which we can describe as raw and minimalist. It's so good that one look is enough to see their pain. They take notes from Japanese byojaku (meaning “sickly”) makeup, also known as hangover makeup. Pale skin, blush-rimmed eyes and sheer makeup give them a teary-eyed look that makes it seem like they just cried their hearts out.



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90s Grunge and Goth

There’s nothing that screams bad boy more than *flips notes* 90s goth and grunge. The boys dress up in leather jackets and lace tops—and in Saint Laurent, no less. We love TXT in all their concepts, but we’re especially falling for good-boy-gone-bad TXT (see what we did there?).



Soobin and Taehyun’s Coat-style Corsets

The category is waist, and TXT wins first place. Soobin and Taehyun flaunt their cinched waists with these waistcoat-corset hybrids for their performance of Opening Sequence in their comeback show. Their meticulously tailored outfits that perfectly flatter their silhouettes prove that even the simplest of looks can create an impact.



TOMORROW X TOGETHER undergoes their post-breakup glow up in their latest comeback, and we’re all here for it. 


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Check their out music video Good Boy Gone Bad here:




Photos Bighit Music, M Countdown

Words Gwyneth King

Art Mathew Ian Fetalver


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