Directioners, Arise: Have You Heard This Unreleased One Direction Song Yet?

Directioners, Arise: Have You Heard This Unreleased One Direction Song Yet?

POV: You’re 14 again and listening to One Direction for the first time



One Direction, the boy band that took the world by storm back in 2010, has been “on hiatus” (we refuse to say disbanded) for around seven years now. However, despite the silence on whether the band plans to make a comeback or not, Directioners still dominate the internet and keep the fandom alive. This is exactly why we still see One Direction trending on social media every now and then—case in point: the recent upheaval on 1D’s newly leaked song from back in 2014 called Where We Are.



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Despite this not being the first leaked 1D song released after the band’s announced hiatus, it’s most definitely a significant one. As it is the only leaked song that all the members get to sing in, it’s as if we’re listening to a completely new track by all the boys (only as if they were frozen in time and singing in their 2014 voices). 


With Where We Are allegedly being recorded sometime in 2014 just when the band was about to go on their Where We Are Tour, this song doesn’t only bring back so many precious memories for fans who witnessed the concert live but also rekindles a deep sense of nostalgia for those who watched it via DVD. (We’re talking about our very own Filipino Directioners; we see you!) 


Of course, Directioners all around the world have so much to say (and feel) about this blessing from the universe. After years of waiting for the return of the beloved boy band, it is in these unreleased songs that fans find a ray of hope that 1D may one day come back together again (and we’re all for it!).



So, as the One Direction flame is set ablaze once again in the hearts of many old and new Directioners, we thank the stars for all the unreleased tracks that keep our hearts fed and satisfied. Wherever or whoever these tracks come from are doing the world a huge favor! And so, if you have yet to listen to the other unreleased tracks, we’ve got you covered! Take a trip down One Direction lane and listen to some of the leaked tracks that Harry Styles wrote and sampled for the band: Hunger, Lay Down, Without You, Already Home, Troubled and Half The World Away, which were leaked between 2022 to 2020. 


Now, go and relive the absolute bliss that comes with listening to a new One Direction song after all these years! You can thank us later. 



Words Vanessa Tiong 

Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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