We’ve Found the (Virtual) Place to Be to Celebrate Local Music


June 16, 2021
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It’s gonna be a good night with the UP Music Circle



Between an adaptation of our favorite komiks finally hitting Netflix and Pinoy athletes collecting Ws left and right, there’s plenty of reason to take pride in being Filipino right now. Adding to the list of reasons are the victories of OPM, which we’re always down to celebrate.


Paying tribute to local talent the good ol’ quarantine way, the University of the Philippines Music Circle is bringing back a beloved tradition. Due to the pandemic, the UP Music Circle cancelled their yearly album-launch-meets-gig last year. But now that we've all gotten the hang of doing things digitally, Homegrown is making one heck of a comeback this year. 


If you’re free on June 19th at 8PM, tune into the UP Music Circle’s Facebook page to listen to fresh tracks from up-and-coming Pinoy artists and the org’s very own members. Performances from Granny Lee, Paprika!, Oatmeal Dinner, That Something, Heavenly Nobody, FLK, Take Five and JM Yosures await. Trust us, you won’t wanna miss out.


We've Found the (Virtual) Place to Be to Celebrate Local Music



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Homegrown's comeback is also punctuated by the launch of a collaborative album. In addition to the aforementioned acts performing at Homegrown 2021, the album will also include tracks from Weej, ema bot, Ovanligt, Cutting Corners, Baby Steps, Elkan Reyes, Sunny Blues and Uhm. The album will be launched on the UP Music Circle's Bandcamp, Soundcloud and YouTube pages.


In case you find yourself wanting to hold on to a piece of Homegrown, here's some good news. The UP Music Circle is officially relaunching its official merch line, CRCL. Even better, they're partnering up with a couple of our favorite gig venues for some of their initial drops. Check out the first release of CRCL merch below.


We've Found the (Virtual) Place to Be to Celebrate Local Music

We've Found the (Virtual) Place to Be to Celebrate Local Music

We've Found the (Virtual) Place to Be to Celebrate Local Music


The CRCL shirt, with its optical illusion logomania, will retail for P300. Meanwhile the CRCL x Mow's and CRCL x Route 196 shirts will be available for P450 a pop. And since everybody loves a good deal, they've also thrown in a promo package. For P750, you can get any two Mow's and Route 196 shirts!


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We’ll see you on the UP Music Circle’s Facebook page on June 19th, 8PM. For more details on UPMC events and CRCL drops, keep an eye on the org’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages.


Art Matthew Ian Fetalver

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