Mark Your Calendars! Netflix Shows and Films Coming This March

Mark Your Calendars! Netflix Shows and Films Coming This March

Cool, new titles best for kicking back this summer



We’re closing in on one year of quarantine this March. Yes, we’ve spent 12 months staying inside more than we were used to. I’m no expert, but I’m sure our screen times are longer than the hours (or minutes) we’ve spent seeing our loved ones in real life. If you feel like you’ve watched everything on Netflix, better think again. 


Here’s a roundup of upcoming Netflix shows and films in March 2021.


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March 3


March is Women’s Month and we’re kicking it off with the coming-of-age, feminist film Moxie. Vivian, played by Hadley Robinson, challenges the sexist and toxic culture her high school continues to perpetuate. Inspired by her mom’s rebellious past, she launches an anonymous zine and sparks a school-wide revolution in the process.


Moxie, directed by Amy Poehler, is based on the Jennifer Mathieu novel of the same title.



Love Alarm Season 2

March 12


We’re brought back to a world where an app can notify your crush of your feelings once you’re within a 10-meter radius. But like all apps, Love Alarm doesn’t work in everyone’s favor and some users are left to deal with the heartbreak instead of buggy features. 


After ending the first season with a cliffhanger, Love Alarm comes back with season two to hopefully give everyone the happy ending they deserve. Well, of course, after another love triangle between Jojo, Hyeyeong and Sunoh.


Yes Day

March 12


In Yes Day, Jennifer Garner and Edgar Ramírez let their kids make the rules for 24 hours in an attempt to show them that they’re still cool parents. All they can do is say “Yes!” to all of their children’s requests, whether it’s a small one or an insane request. Join their family on a wild, wild adventure around Los Angeles.




March 22


Song Kang stans are well fed this month, as they get another K-Drama featuring the dashing actor. Navillera is based on the webtoon of the same name. The story follows an unlikely pair of aspiring ballerinos, 70-year-old Deokchul, played by Park Inwhan, and 23-year-old Chaerok, played by Song Kang, who meet at the dance academy. While Chaerok is on the verge of giving up, Deokchul manages to motivate him and change his mind.


If you need another push to check it out, BTS’s V recommended Navillera, the webtoon, to ARMY back in 2018.



A Week Away

March 26


Upcoming Netflix titles always brings us romance! In the musical film A Week Away, troubled teen Will Hawkins attends a summer camp after getting in trouble. As Will warms up to the camp and the whole experience, he also finds love, gains friends and finds a family in the community.


At first glance, A Week Away has all the youthful, summer break clichés. Adding the fact that it’s a musical, the film might remind you of Camp Rock. But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve seen it.



The Irregulars

March 26


Mystery solving meets the paranormal in this new British crime series. Set in 19th-century London, The Irregulars follow an unlikely group of kids or misfits as they get to the bottom of supernatural crimes. The twist? They work for Dr. John Watson at the request of his partner, Sherlock Holmes.


We’re meeting The Irregulars at 221B Baker Street on March 26.




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Alright, go plan those watch parties with your friends or block off an afternoon for another solo binge-watch session to catch these upcoming Netflix shows. These titles are best enjoyed with a glass of ice cold soda…or dalgona coffee.



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